LEGO Half-Life 2 is beautiful and you can play it for free


half-life 2the second chapter of the Valve series released a few years ago, is certainly one of the most popular FPS of all time.

The game (which you can still find At Amazon) indeed holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers.

In fact, there are those who recently decided to pay homage to him by having a child a next-gen Unreal Engine version of the sequel really nice to look at.

But now that someone noticed a “remake” of HL 2 made in the style of resident Evil classicit’s time a LEGO version of the great classic.

As also reported by GameRanta new mod has joined the growing list of community creations half-life 2This time, Valve’s classic FPS is transformed into a real LEGO Traveler’s Tales game.

The fact that the game offers full integration to modders Steam workshop Modifying and sharing content means that anyone can “transform” it, bringing creations like this to life.

Developed by the modder, not Dave or Daniel the mod LEGO Half-Life 2 Transform all human characters into Lego minifigures which wouldn’t look out of place in a true themed video game.

The mod does what it says on the tin because everything looks really fun and definitely goes with the Danish bricks.

LEGO Half-Life 2 and now available in free form via the Steam Workshop (Here), although the modder intends to keep working on it to make it even more beautiful to look at and play.

Speaking of other projects by fans for fans, a second unofficial remake was shown a few weeks ago half-life 2 accomplished with the UNIGINE 2 graphics engine and definitely interesting.

But not only that: recently it went even further and released the second chapter of the Valve series also on the hybrid Nintendo Switch.

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