Lara Croft is coming back, but not in game like you think


Grave robbers is one of the most famous series ever, but apparently the protagonist Lara Croft is about to return as the host of a truly atypical game.

The last Shadow of the Tomb Raider (which you can still restore At Amazon) was the end of the reboot trilogy, but certainly not the end of Lara.

crystal dynamics it took a long time officially confirmed work on a new one Grave robbers In Unreal Engine 5.

Now that the revelation of Lara’s return broke it wouldn’t be too farMiss Croft will be making her debut soon Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and not only.

As also reported by PushSquareIn fact, Activision has confirmed that the protagonist of Grave robbers will join the universe of call of Duty on September 9, 2023 as an operator for sale in modern warfare 2 And war zone.

Lara will arrive with the update Season 5 Reloadedwhich will also bring the rapper into play 21 savages and the character of modern Warfare club.

With its iconic dual pistol, the Lara Croft model was chosen COD it is therefore the classicand not the reboot trilogy version.

A blog post on the website of call of Duty goes into detail and reveals that purchasing the character pack will also give you his ice axe as a melee weapon, a Mythic Defender SMG, and dual pistols as sidearms.

You’ll also get a chop-top vehicle skin, a decal, an emblem, and a new loading screen.

Since Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Since much of the current content will be ported, it will also be possible to use Lara’s skin in the next chapter.

Meanwhile, the TV series dedicated to Lara Croft and produced by Amazon is set to become a truly remarkable project. even inspired by the shared Marvel universe.

But that’s not all: A fan is currently working on a retro remake of Tomb Raider: Legend, inspired by the first chapters of the 32-bit series.

Finally a fan again even recently dusted off the very first chapter It’s released on PS One, PC and Saturn, making it even better to watch.

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