Is the term “JRPG” discriminatory? Hideki Kamiya has a solution


Before, during and after the release of Final Fantasy XVI Much has been discussed about the nature of the gods jrpgs, with many authoritative voices having their say.

The sixteenth chapter of the Final Fantasy that you will find on Amazon at the best price, has enabled a completely new perception of the genre in this sense.

All that talk Breakthrough Action® It was the focus of many criticisms for demonstrating too far from what it is the essence of final fantasy according to many.

Although also its creator, Hironobu Sakaguchisaid, that There isn’t exactly one canon to define what “true” is final fantasythere is still much debate about their nature.

So much so that Naoki Yoshida can tell not define Final Fantasy XVI a “JRPG” because according to the director it is balanced discriminatory.

But Hideki Kamiya doesn’t agree at all.

The smoky director of Platinum Games, whose fast-paced action games were often well known approached on the other side a Final Fantasy XVI in a derogatory waystated that the Japanese industry should be proud of the term JRPG (via VGC extension).

And if you really don’t want to use this definition because you find it offensive, you can use a new one: J action.

“I have a positive feeling when it comes to the term JRPG. In fact, I think it’s something we should be proud of.”replied Kamiya at the beginning of the interview.

In the long chat he explained many of them cultural differences between Japan and the West in which the creatives of the corresponding regions of the world were involved.

change between TV series and mangaKamiya talks about how video games of the same genre are represented in the two industries using an example God of War And Bayonetta:

“When you watch God of War, you have Kratos. He’s muscular, he’s huge, he’s bald, he actually looks really hot. So we thought, ‘okay, we have games like this that are growing in popularity around the world. Could we do something similar from a Japanese point of view?” We discussed this internally and came to the conclusion that of course we can’t because it’s something that doesn’t just apply to us as Japanese creators. So in order to create an outstanding action game, we had to create something that reflected our unique sensibilities as Japanese developers, and Bayonetta was the result.”

From this reasoning it follows that JRPG designation for Kamiya is something that “Only Japanese creators can achieve anything with their unique sensibility”that’s how they should be proud.

However, since JRPG can be discriminatory, Kamiya had his opinion on whether or not Use of the term J-Actionto define such products originating from Japanese industry:

“On the contrary, I would be very proud if you used that term. It’s more focused than the broader action genre, emphasizing the unique elements that only Japanese developers can deliver. Above all, we would be proud.”

Who knows whether this term will prevail at this point.

Some time ago, Sakaguchi commented and explained the history of the JRPGs why there was a decline According to him, over the years.

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