In Death Stranding 2, Kojima confirms an important absence


As Hideo Kojima is wont to do with his pre-launch presentations, the latest trailer for Death Stranding 2 It was obviously spectacular, but at the same time it left the fans behind more questions than specific answers.

The trailer for the second chapter of the saga It was undoubtedly one of the most important moments of the latest State of Play event, with fans already starting to analyze every little detail to understand what to expect from the new episode.

However, one of the most charismatic and appreciated characters from the first episode is missing (which can be made up for). on Amazon): We are obviously referring to the actor Mads Mikkelsenin which Cliff Unger played the lead role.

Many fans hoped to see the actor again in the game, perhaps even in the form of a flashback: But it was the same Hideo Kojima to make this clear once and for all, unfortunately for these fans, The star will not return in the sequel.

“We've had so many exciting messages from you saying, 'I want to see Cliff with us too.' DS2!”.

However, Mads won't show up Death Stranding 2 On the Beach».

In short, the father of Metal Gear Solid wanted to clarify once and for all to avoid unpleasant surprises for the community.

And actually, if you think about it His story was already completed in the first chapterIt's likely that Kojima would have already presented the actor in some form if he was actually considering his return.

At this point, fans can go back to fantasizing about the return or hints in the latest crazy trailer Death Stranding 2in which There are those who have even seen an offer ad Alan Wake.

The most recent State of Play event also showed us how contradictory the visions for the games of the future are between Hideo Kojima and Konami, the former hometown of the brilliant video game director: Our Stefania Sperandio told you about it in the latest SpazioGames Originals.

We also take this opportunity to refer you to ours complete summary of the state of affairs with all the trailers and announcements in case you missed any.

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