In Baldur’s Gate 3, Lady Dimitrescu will more or less return as well


Lady Dimitrescu has stuck in the minds of players not only for its obvious physical prowess but also for its haunting performance Maggie Robertsonwho will return to Baldur’s Gate 3.

L’iconic antagonist of Resident Evil Village was a minor media sensation due to its appearance, mainly due to its height, which is imposing even on a reduced scale (as you can see with ). some statues on amazon).

Be Height was just the topic many promotions because objectively it really was imposing.

And while Maggie Robertson he could not participate in God of War as he would have wishedwill lie in the epic of instead Baldur’s Gate 3.

As imposing as Lady Dimitrescu, Larian’s work has the potential to be play many characters between heroes, supporting actors, shoulders and antagonists.

Guess which character Maggie Robertson will play? That’s right: abloodthirsty shapeshifter assassin.

Dedicated in the last panel from Hell Baldur’s Gate 3 Ahead of the release, Larian revealed a lot of news about the title, including i new characters.

Including the one played by Maggie RobertsonThat means Orin the Red. Character who has not appeared publicly on the panel, but thanks to the evidence of Eurogamerwe can definitely learn more.

Orin the Red She is described as a “sexy yet sadistic presence” who appears throughout the game in the final stages to test the heroes’ resolve. He seems like a ruthless character who will try Use her shape-shifting powers to throw characters off guard and force them to make terrible decisions.

Does it remind you of anyone?

Maggie Robertson also joins an already stellar cast of actors like JK Simmons And Jason Isaacsgive to Baldur’s Gate 3 one star power not indifferent.

Voices that will accompany you for a very long time because the title will really be an adventure epic in terms of longevity.

For whatever reason what character you will playbut i know that Baldur’s Gate 3 has one revolutionary feature ready for you.

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