How much has Cyberpunk 2077 changed over the years? A video reveals it


L’Update 2.0 From Cyberpunk 2077 is out and now a video shows us the differences.

The CD Projekt title (which you can find At Amazon) actually received – in addition to the DLC Phantom freedom – also a big update.

Update 2.0 from Cyberpunk 2077 it was published at the end of September and apparently it changed the cards on the table quite a bit.

Well, as reported by Game Ranta player of Cyberpunk 2077 shared a comparison video This shows how much the game has improved since its initial and controversial release.

This video from 7 minutes offers an insightful look at how the CDPR game is changing and gets players ready to take to the streets of Night City once again.

The 2.0 update from Cyberpunk 2077 In any case, it renews the game’s police system and will make important changes to the artificial intelligence of the fights.

The side-by-side comparison shows not only the graphical improvements, but also a smoother gameplay and refined mechanicsB. the ability to shoot while riding a motorcycle, which surprisingly wasn’t possible at the time of the game’s release.

While the video also highlights some smaller details that could be improved in the future, overall it highlights CD Projekt’s commitment to addressing the base title’s shortcomings.

Important updates, hotfixes and even DLC Phantom freedomtogether with the 2.0 update and all its improvements, have therefore played a fundamental role in “stabilizing” the gaming experience and improving the overall graphics quality.

In addition, the update in question includes over 100 new items – weapons, and so much more.

Staying on topic, CDPR’s game recently received an impressive third-person mod that allows you to explore it Night city from a completely new perspective.

Finally, we also remember that a few weeks ago someone decided to give Ben life three new missions from the game’s main story.

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