Several weeks have passed since its market debut Titansthe new extension of HearthstoneAfter hundreds of games on both smartphone (even during the much-needed holidays!) and PC, we’re ready to tell you if and how well I’m doing on Blizzard’s latest promotion – which was aimed at big things To cause a stir – up to the meta and therefore the most famous card game on the market.

All you have to do is read on to find out what they’re putting into players’ hands Hearthstone the 145 cards of Titans.

The Lords of Azeroth

After changing years and increasingly fierce competition for the throne that was conquered years ago, Hearthstone needed a shake upalthough recent expansions had sent reassuring signals and reinvigorated the metagame.

Here then, Titans came at the right time: in the middle of the year, just before the holidays, to introduce it a new kind of servant This could also pave the way for new concepts of servants and new ways of interacting with them in the future.

I am Three the most important innovations of this new expansion or, in strict order of importance, the entry into the scene Titans, the blacksmithing skill and the return in the style of Keyword magnetismand therefore also robot-style decks.

As is easily evident from the name of the expansion itself, at the heart of the scene are the eleven Titans, legendary creatures that shaped Azeroth: absolute protagonists of the lore of WarcraftI am serextremely powerful winnersAlthough they cannot initially attack, they are each equipped with three unique abilities and a passive one that can be used once per round.

At the end of the three rounds required to use their unique abilities, the Titans, if still alive, become normal servants who can attack like any other, but the real focus is on the aforementioned abilities, which can change, if used well, the course of the game: from being able to deal twenty damage to any target in one hit to summoning 5/5 creatures with taunt after each use of abilities, these come to earth grant Demigods give the games a completely different flavor by questioning them.

Doubts remain about the Titans’ true balance.

Above all, the battle cry stands out SargerasSorcerer’s Titan, which opens an eternal portal from which two 3/2 goblins emerge every turn for the rest of the game, but any of the eleven legendary servants can prove crucial when in one around them and on the right The deck set up on the side is played at the time of the game.

These first few weeks revealed some initial imbalance of the game in their favor, which the community immediately redressed by increasing the number of individual removal cards in the decks and speeding up the game to reduce the likelihood of the game ending The moment draws to the end in which a Titano can conquer the field.

Blizzard, in turn, has limited the weight of these new legendary minions in the game economy as much as possible, since the Titans are neither found nor is there any possibility of randomly generating them through other cards: in other words There is one per deck for each game and no more.

Nonetheless, Doubts remain about the true balance and to the enormous effect of these minions (which can also be accessed and repeated several times), but for our part we believe that this effect was partly intended by the development team, as announced in various interviews in recent months: the goal was given It represents represents a major shift in the meta and overwhelms certain types of decks. Plus, it’s a breath of fresh air to one of the longest-running card games on the market, considering it’s ten years old.

And whether this leads to abuse of decks revolving around the Titans or In the short term a certain monotony in the deck types: Time and community, as so often in the past, will prove to be masters and, thanks to some corrective measures, could make the situation more bearable.

In our opinion, less interesting, but just as crucial in certain situations, the blacksmithing skill: Each card that comes with this ability can be upgraded for two mana, greatly increasing its effectiveness in different games.

So indecision is one of the oldest in the world: it is better to take the egg today and use those two mana for a hero power, or tomorrow to summon another minion or the chicken to strengthen a card that could then save our lives . Pens later in the game?

The players face severe punishment.

Returning Robots

First seen at the start of the expansion Operation Apocalypsethe skill magnetism has always divided the community, between those who considered it marginal except in Robot decks, and those who instead built sudden victories on it by pumping out seemingly harmless minions to the sound of unions.

In Titans It returns in an improved version – if it is true that now it is no longer necessary to have a free space on the board to merge two minions, which can therefore be improved even when using a horde against the unfortunate opponent.

Nevertheless, the return of this ability appears to us as the weakest addition to the packagewhich is still valid for us, as you guessed from the rating at the end of this review, but which might have benefited more from further new additions than from unusual refishings from the past.

Some more ideas

These first few weeks of play have added several new archetypes are among the most used decks in the standard ladder: they range from the Death Knight, who uses the plagues to gradually strangle the opponent, to the Warrior, who relies all his strength on defense, relying on Odyn, First Designated, leaving a legendary 8 body. 8, which adds an attack equal to the armor gained each turn.

There are also decks dedicated to robots, and apparently many wizards have been enchanted by the perverse charm of Sargeras, but for now The situation has changed significantly compared to a few months agobefore the release of Titans, and that is enough to positively assess the work of the development team.

Rather, it is unfortunate that this time the latter has decided to delete the single-player part of the expansion, which we have previously found useful to contextualize the story of the new expansions and collect free cards and dust to build your own decks strengthen.

This time, however, the centrality of the Titans character in the Warcraft narrative universe would have allowed the team to indulge… and instead we have to forego this mode, at least for the moment.

Aside from this complaint, we have the rest really little to complain about: The numerous patches already released to promote balance, art direction, voice choice, Italian dubbing and even generosity towards free-to-play players remain on a high levelpamper long-time players and attract new ones, even if the latter may have to Time to acclimatize and remember all the basic mechanics.

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