Harmony The Fall of Reverie | Review – the maturity of Don’t Nod


Harmony The fall of reverie is the game of stylistic and artistic maturity of Don’t nod. Better clear that up now. Just as little as nothing has to do with the series at all life is strangewhose first chapter is precisely the work of the Parisian team.

After the debut came with To rememberan action-adventure game that didn’t have the expected commercial success, the developer from across the Alps actually succeeded the first time life is strange – a very special title at the time, mainly due to the fact that it was divided into five different episodes, which immediately managed to gain acceptance among fans (you can find it among others). At Amazonin case you miss it).

The story was about Maxine Caulfield, a girl who discovered that she possessed the ability to turn back time at any time, in a decidedly atypical and more intimate storyline than the adventures we’re used to in the past.

With the spin off Fantastic Adventures of Captain Spirit and, even more clearly, with Life is strange 2 (beautiful, but certainly less impactful than the original chapter), the Don’t Not have managed to make it into the Olympus of developers that matter. With Harmony: The case of reveriea new work by the French development team, we have received proof that the group of authors founded by Alain Damasio knows what it is doing, especially as far as the artistic side is concerned.

The plot of Harmony: The Fall of Reverie

There plot From Harmony: The case of reverie clearly stands out from those life is strangesince it will catapult us into a near future where our protagonist will find himself in the middle a story that is as surreal as it is fascinatingable to unite magic, predestination and the search for ourselves.

When young Polly decides to return home after spending several years abroad in search of her missing mother, she realizes it Athena – a fictional city-state in the Mediterranean Sea – has changed dramatically and unexpectedly.

A company called “MK” has actually decided to take the reins and change the way locals live – not necessarily for the better.

However, Polly is in for a second surprise when she discovers that she has the Gift clairvoyancea power he will soon harness to visit the mysterious parallel universe called Reverie – the realm of human ambition where fame, fortune, power, chaos, bondage and truth reign supreme.

In this eminently magical place, Polly transforms into Harmony, a real deity whose main task will be to decide which Ambition Reverie should take over. The task of the young protagonist will therefore be to restore the balance between the world of the gods and the earthly world, with the help of other characters that she will meet on her way.

Atina will not be a place like all the others: although clearly inspired by some real citizens of contemporary Mediterranean Spain, inside there will also be holograms, drones and skyscrapers that will ‘merge’ the old town with the more modern parts of the city e.g They give everything a steampunk look All in all unique and really special. Reverie, on the other hand, is the alternate reality that Ambitions is based in, endowed with an even more flamboyant style that primarily embraces a new-age aesthetic.

Atina and Reverie are definitely closely related, as choices in the real world allow us to accumulate Egregore (a crystal based energy that is different for each ambition). If we have the right egregore level, we can make the right decisions and uncover a story that is different life is strange – is inhabited linear path and roughly summarized on the side of the augural, i.e. the representation of the oracle’s foresight.

We will be able to understand in advance where our choices will take us, since in the augural we can predict what might happen to us if we move in one direction or another.

From the Augural to the Atina to the Reverie, all of the game’s time is spent pondering the choices to be made.

Unlocking the key options means change the outcome of the plot and future eventswhich will oblige us to do so Think carefully about what answers you want to give and to whom.

So imagine having the gift of foresight without really being able to understand everything in advance (Polly’s power is limited to the current chapter) and having so many options on your part that it’s really difficult to get clear understand what fate has in store for you.

It is important to underline how Harmony: The case of reverie Don’t suggest who knows what blockbuster topicsHe prefers more human and “intimate” moments, which binds him to the philosophy of a life is strange any (actually maybe the only one).

Difficulties in relationships, the sense of belonging or the emotions that move the human soul in its entirety are the main themes we face when we jump between universes in the company of Polly.

The continuation of the story is the core of the experience, although as the story progresses we will understand how this works playing style From Harmony: The case of reverie to be composed in an ensemble of dialogues and decisions which will lead us in search of the egregore and a better future.

From Augural to Atina to Reverie, playtime is spent entirely in it Think about the decisions to be made.

It’s not the new Life is Strange

So that’s from Don’t Not a narrative game with names and factsmaybe even clearer than life is strange, which provided a balance between story and characters and actual gameplay stages. A certain slowness in progress is certainly one of the shortcomings of Harmony: The case of reverieas well as the duration of the main adventure which it is quite small (less than ten hours to the credits).

Harmony is a storytelling game in name and indeed: the gameplay focuses on dialogue and decisions to be made.

VisuallyDon’t Nod’s newborn makes little or no mistakes: Harmony: The case of reverie In fact, it’s a visual novel, so the developers made it their task to make the different insights a real feast for the eyes and thus bring out the whole style in an impressive way.

The city of Atina is just as beautiful a backdrop as the world of Reverie, even more psychedelic and visionary, which is also reflected in the character design of the main and supporting characters.

The look animated by hand which is presented entirely in two dimensions is also reinforced by one soundtrack very atmospheric, created by the talented composer Lena Raine, former author of the suggestive OST of Heavenly. I’m sorry complete absence of the Italian languageas the game is currently only and exclusively available with lyrics in English, French, German and Spanish and with dubbing in English only.

Ultimately with Harmony: The case of reverie Don’t Nod managed to pull the magic out of a hat an original title but certainly for very refined palatesthat will not find the favor of the general public – but only and exclusively those who are looking for a visionary and unique narrative adventure, equipped with a captivating atmosphere, human and powerful themes and receptive characters, takes us by the hand into an alternative World full of charm and mysteries.

However, don’t expect a new one life is strangeyet another game that can entertain you with a refined gameplay, since it is a work entirely and exclusively focused on the narrative, with a strong focus on its characters and their emotions.

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