GTA San Andreas, a new free DYOM mission available


GTA San Andreas is one of the most appreciated episodes by the fans, so much so that now someone has decided to add it a DYOM mission to the game.

GTA V (which you can also find At Amazon at a great price) is back in a new version aimed at current generation consoles, but the third 128-bit chapter is still played very well.

By the way, San Andreas has also reappeared in the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Editionbut lacks the quality of the original game.

Now that I’ve seen it the fan project in UE5someone has decided to release a very welcome extra.

As reported by DSO gamingModder “Berony” has released a new DYOM mission for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which you can download completely free of charge.

This mod will enhance your gaming experience, so we highly recommend it, especially if you’re still playing the classic GTA.

For the uninitiated, DYOM stands for “Design your own mission“. This change allows you to design and share your own missions without having to learn a bunch of SCM scripts.

editing San Fierro Police Department For Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Take on the role of police officer Jeffrey in the city of San Fierro.

The mission is an indirect continuation of the Las Venturas Police Department.

Those interested can download the mod for free at this addressAnd a lot of fun.

We remember that GTA San Andreas it’s definitely the second game Significant visual improvements have been made thanks to RTX Remix.

Also, a few weeks ago, TeaserPlay released a video of an ideal remake of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in Unreal Engine 5 and, unsurprisingly, this concept it looked much better than the official Definitive Edition.

Finally the new version of an open source software project adds full online multiplayer support To Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

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