Gamers don’t like the design of the new Xbox


September 19th was undoubtedly a chaotic day for Microsoft and Xboxafter witnessing the video game industry’s biggest leak since Grand Theft Auto 6 in September 2022.

It now seems certain that the Redmond house has a plan in mind Redesign of their Xbox Series (what you find At Amazon), suggests a model with a cylindrical appearance and a capacity of 2TB.

This new console model should arrive next year at the latestbut apparently the whole thing it wouldn’t have convinced the players.

As also reported by Gaming BibleThe so-called “Brooklin” is scheduled to appear in 2024, along with a new controller that is strongly reminiscent of a DualSense.

Brooklin is described as an update to the mid-generation Series X, but fans aren’t entirely convinced by the console’s design.

Players actually took to it Reddit to share their unenthusiastic thoughts. “It’s no longer a box, but a cylinder.” X-cylinder serieswrote VViilliiam, later adding: “It seems that Alexa has found a friend”.

User brondonschwab added: “The series update air cleaner».

“I hate it so much that I will never switch to digital”said The-Choo-Choo-Shoe.

Despite being an upgrade to an existing console, the new version is also missing a key feature of the series the floppy drive. Brooklyn will actually be a digital-only console like the Series S and will apparently have a retail price of $499.

Many fear that Brooklyn means the Xbox will switch to a digital-only version, which appears to be the case not welcome.

Let’s remember that the release of the new console could also mean the “death” of the Xbox Series S. whose fate now seems sealed.

This was confirmed again from the leaks The Elder Scrolls 6 It shouldn’t be released on PS5: Release is planned for Xbox and PC consoles only.

While we wait for more news on these previews, we would like to point out that they were recently confirmed The new Game Pass games in September.

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