Free Starfield keys for Steam are wreaking havoc


starfieldthe next Bethesda title, coming this fall, is already the focus of attention from players around the world.

The sci-fi game is also available on Xbox Game Pass (which you can subscribe to). At Amazonpromises great things, for better or for worse.

If the weight turned out to be right really “spatial”Now players also have to think about a related “problem”. free game keys.

As also reported by gaming bibleWith the purchase of select AMD Ryzen processors and AMD Radeon graphics cards from select resellers It will be possible to get a free Steam code For starfield.

Of course, these packages come at a steep price as the technology itself is very expensive, but if someone is thinking about upgrading their PC setup, this is a really nice perk.

But come on Reddit There is chaos in the distribution of the codes included in the packs: Some players state that their accounts have already had their keys ready to be downloaded when the game is available, while others have not yet received any offers.

“I confirm that the AMD bundle includes a Steam key. […] The key has been added to my rewards account but none are available yet»wrote SounisPoppy.

“I bought a Ryzen 9 7900x on Tuesday and they still haven’t sent me my key,” commented another user. “I bought it just after midnight on Tuesday and still haven’t received it. But I’m sure it will come. There is still enough time to sort everything out.Added ASithLordNoAffect.

Hopefully those who paid for those expensive packages can fix everything before the release of starfieldnext September 6th.

Staying on topic, Santa Monica Studio’s Lead Environment Artist: defended the choice of 30 fps per second starfield.

But not only that: it looks like the game will have no function present in the vast majority of open-world titles.

Finally, starfield benefit from a five-day early access phase starting September 1st. but that might worry some players.

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