Final Fantasy XVI demo, what do fans think?


After a long wait, from today all players can download the official demo for free Final Fantasy XVI.

Apart from the continuation of Final Fantasy VII Remake (Find the output intermediate at a low price At Amazon), in fact, fans are eagerly awaiting the sixteenth chapter of the Square Enix saga.

The demo became available today It will therefore be a nice way to shorten the waiting time.

Well, as also reported by GamesRadar, It seems fans have taken it pretty well the arrival of this first trial test of FFXV extension.

Despite the demo of Final Fantasy XVI has just come out, the public reactions You are already very positive.

Now that players have had a chance to touch the final product, reactions to the demo have started to pour in, and judging by a handful of tweets, fans have had no choice praise for the game.

“I’m playing the Final Fantasy XVI demo. The graphics are amazing And I really like the more mature tone of the story and the characters. It can be seen that it was created by the director of FFXIV. Part of the DNA of this game is the feel of the characters and the world.”it goes on Twitter.

And again, another fan always writes in a tweet: “The FFXVI demo is great. This is truly the new generation of Final Fantasy. Spectacular, ambition, security. There is everything. The highest compliment I can give is that it’s gripping, shocking and brutal. You were right, after playing the demo you would want to buy the game.

After all, the sixteenth chapter of the saga was the protagonist even during the Champions League final.

But not only that: Square Enix has already had the opportunity to publish it recently many new themed gameplay videos.

In the last few hours they have finally arrived new unofficial confirmations about the PC version of the gamewhich will inevitably see the light of day after the release of the PS5 edition, scheduled for June 22nd.

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