Excerpt 2 | Review – The boxes never run out


It’s always nice to see that the gaming industry doesn’t forget to focus its efforts on collaborative multiplayer video games excerpt 2 It is among those productions that should never be missing from the market.

Not because they’re undeniable masterpieces, because there’s no doubt that experiences like this now can They’re all starting to look the samebut because there is always a need for replacement.

Thanks also to Pull out and the platforms that allow a rapid spread of video games, titles like excerpt 2 You can still find your place every now and then a match and in general it is always useful to keep them installed on consoles or PC.

Also because after The first chapter was released amid the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, excerpt 2 introduces some distortions of the predecessor, but doesn’t revolutionize much.

A move that wins, you don’t change

excerpt 2 understandably, it draws on the idea of ​​its predecessor. Busy job at a moving company whose managers are always ready to slip up one pun and one joke after anotherplayers must take turns together.

The first abstract could not count on the support of online multiplayer and with a bunch of phenomenal accessibility options (suitable for those with disabilities or those who just aren’t that savvy with video games) has managed to be unexpectedly great fun, even on your own.

However, such products find their highest consecration in the multiplayer and, thanks to the support of matchmaking and the establishment of online lobbies, excerpt 2 enjoys a new appeal.

Also because basically The gameplay doesn’t really stand out from the predecessor.

Inside increasingly expensive houseswhich also become flying palaces, rooms with mazes and portals to the multiverse and everything that comes to your mind, you have to move furniture and furnishings to load them onto the truck and get out of it as quickly as possible.

The objects have different weights, some are more fragile than others and together with the different dimensions of each one of them, this is necessary Work together and try not to mess things up and set fire to a saint in the calendar.

If the gameplay works and objectively there was no reason to overdo it, SMG Studio put a lot more work into creating the levels themselves which will force you to engage seriously in the second half of the game. Just in case, always turn on accessibility options so everyone can help you, even those who have never picked up a controller.

Over time, you’ll build intricate chains of command with your friends, taking advantage of everything the environment offers to transport sofas, televisions, and many other items within it increasingly sophisticated scenarios.

excerpt 2 It’s satisfying to play once in a while and it is much deeper for me as well perfectionists and those who also try their best at party games.

In addition to the increasing difficulty of each level, the challenges have additional objectives to discover and complete, as well as bonus collectibles and costumes found in the crates in the houses you work in.

There are also many more characterseven more fun and aesthetically beautiful to look at, brilliantly and comically animated in their stumbling, scampering and trying to make sense of a four seater sofa walking down a very narrow corridor.

We’ve played as many video games as excerpt 2 over the years, however It would be unfair to reject SMG Studio’s work simply because it isn’t the most original video game of 2023.

Such solid party games usually only come from Nintendo’s parts, and having such a production across all platforms is still a pleasure, especially now that the title also supports online multiplayer.

If you don’t have such a product in your library, You have to buy this having a game that you can pull out with friends when you need to – and you can too on Amazon.

The icing on the cake at the end of the move would have been Adding a pass to gift the game to a friend – perfect given the renewed online nature of the production, as has been the case with other similar titles – but We fully understand the publisher’s needs not to waste the earnings of a production that will certainly not become millionaires.

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