Every day for the past two years, a Starfield fan has shown their love for the game


starfieldthe Bethesda title coming this fall is highly anticipated by gamers, although there is one that is he demonstrated his love of the game in an almost obsessive way.

The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass (you can subscribe). At Amazon) promises to explore an infinite number of planets and galaxies.

Well, while some fans of starfield they get nervous after the sudden cancellation of pre-orders of the Constellation EditionInstead, it appears that another enthusiast is nearing the end of his “obsession.”

As also reported by PCGamesNin fact, a fan of starfield extremely devoted has been commenting on the same teaser trailer every day for the last two years.

“JalapenoMayo” is definitely the biggest fan of starfield. For 739 days straight left a comment on the game’s teaser trailer, shared occasional updates about his life, and personally counted down to the title’s release.

Perhaps the most troubling moment came on Thursday, May 12, 2022, when JalapenoMayo—along with the rest of the world—reluctantly learned this starfield it was postponed, but despite the “heartache,” he decided to keep commenting anytime.

Exactly 46 days after launch From starfieldAt the time of writing, JalapenoMayo’s epic journey is coming to an end. Who knows if Bethesda won’t decide to pay homage to the fan in some way, perhaps in the title itself (we sincerely wish them well).

Staying on topic, a few days ago Santa Monica Studio’s Lead Environment Artist, defended the choice of 30 fps per second starfield.

But not only that: apparently the next big Bethesda will have no function present in most open world titles.

Finally, always starfield benefit from a five-day early access phase starting September 1st. but that might worry some players.

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