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Between ups and downs, the franchise alternates between titles that were very well received by critics and others that were most popular with audiences Disgaea has accompanied fans of turn-based strategy games on consoles for over two decades, without ever deviating from what was anchored in its predecessor, but with enough improvements to guarantee a new episode from time to time.

Not everyone stayed satisfied with the sixthwho had proven to be brave in some ways, but also unfocused in others, and therefore curiosity prevailed Disgaia 7: Vows of the Virtuousrecently released on both Sony consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch – the exact version we tested for you.

If you’re curious, you’ll want to know how it behaves after several behaviors Dozens of hours All you have to do from the tests is read our test report.

Still nonsense, but in feudal Japan

The first and most obvious change is this Disgaea 7 brings concerns as a dowry the settingwhich is still set in the underworld, but has a much more oriental feel, with Hinomoto, the setting in which the entire story takes place, clearly reminiscent of the Edo period of Japanese history.

Let’s say right away, the cast is more bizarre than ever: there are those who literally spit blood every time they receive a compliment, those who vent their anger on immaculate buildings, those who drown in swear words.

Humor aboundsin short, according to the tradition of the franchise, but he doesn’t always succeed in making an impressionespecially for those who, having already played one or more of the previous chapters, will find certain jokes stale.

Those who fall into the latter category will find themselves pressing the button to skip the numerous dialogues much more often than in the first incarnations of the franchise, but those who start doing so from this release will not be able to help but reaction to smiling funny behaviors by many members of the ramshackle gang formed by the developers.

The vein of nonsensical humor that has always characterized the franchise returns in Disgaea 7.

The prerequisite is always that they chew English: As has actually often been the case with this franchise Disgaea 7 it has not been localized into our languageTherefore, knowledge of English, even if only superficial, is required to fully enjoy the plot and the humor in which the characters are enveloped.

Here, as in the previous chapters, and more and more from release to release, the plot then becomes simple bells and whistles, useful to make the player smile, but often detached from what happens when he clicks on arrives on the battlefield.

The story behind this seventh episode revolves around Fuji – and the two co-protagonists are Pirilika and Ao, all in search of the lost honor of the Bushido code that is sacred to the characters, the clear Japanese inspiration that for them What is irrelevant is the player’s alter ego, who instead has his own personal reasons for putting his hands (literally!) in the face of the villain of the situation, the Demmodoro Opener, a demon who makes sadism and cruelty his distinctive trademarks might.

We won’t tell you otherwise, but between familiar jokes and moments of genuine hilarity, the story veers between ups and downs, urging us to focus on that beating heart of productionwhich of course is represented by strategic turn-based battles.

Tired evolution

Unless you have lived in a hermitage two thousand meters above sea level and have been involved in the video game medium for the last twenty years, you will know the series very well Disgaea It is composed by turn-based strategies full of nonsensewith crazy options like sending your allies onto the battlefield, using explosive penguins to send your enemies running, and getting lost in thousands of optional battles just to maximize the stats of a particular weapon.

Nothing changes about that Disgaea 7for better or for worse: We are facing a chapter that is evolving rather than revolutionizingwhich postpones the inevitable turning point that the series has been waiting for for at least five years, growing more and more tired with each chapter.

Despite it, We liked this seventh one better than its predecessorperhaps due to the new environment, perhaps due to the overall lower level of automation, which somewhat affected the decision phase, which was always in the player’s hands.

Overall it is The challenge level is the same as that of the sixth chapterand therefore consistent softer than what the franchise fans of the first hour were used to: If you are looking for something more sophisticated, you will only find it in the countless optional content and in the huge endgameas a result of a decision that is understandable on a commercial level, but which could upset those who have followed the series since the days of the PlayStation 2.

The gameplay evolves but does not revolutionize it, although care is taken to limit the automatic battles that dominated the sixth chapter.

In this sense, the unprecedented possibility of transforming into a gigantic Kaiju for three turns, which can be activated by filling a certain bar (and can also be exploited by enemies), is the bearer of a dangerous attack on the overall balance, since If Used at the right moment, it can be decisive in virtually all battles, even those referred to in history as “boss fights.”

Almost as a countermeasure, the development team, as we already expected, restricted the use of automatic battlesdominant in the last chapter, which now prove to be particularly useful grindas even newbies cannot use this option for main missions that have not yet been completed.

However, we particularly appreciated one new feature the ability for the player to create units of the same average level as their current groupwhile the chapters published so far always started with level 1.

Such a simple decision (and so late!) allows you to do this experience more With your group, you can make riskier moves in combat and avoid the boredom that comes with it Grind necessary to bring the new units up to the level of the rest of the team.

If on the one hand the about forty classes The classes available guarantee a good level of variety, with some gems like zombie characters that get stronger with every death on the battlefield. On the other hand, there are at least fifteen clone classes with minimal differences between each class and rather redundant specific abilities.

Content like it’s raining

Complex discussion related to longevity Overall and the amount of content on offer: On the one hand, we are dealing with a game here potentially infinitewhere crazy numbers and increased stats can spend hundreds of hours between item world, reincarnation, quest shop and secondary content.

On the other hand, similar to what happens with too many products these days, after just ten hours or so spent with that content, you get the unpleasant impression that this is the case all are equal to themselvesand that therefore, while it is technically possible to spend an entire winter there, upon closer inspection the prospect is not particularly exciting.

Much brighterFrom our point of view, is the debut of a passive online multiplayer modein which you can pit your team against those of other players around the world: almost like a correspondence chess game, but with changing rules from level to level and without the ability to directly influence your own units, in short.

Despite the over forty-five hours invested Disgaea 7 (a dozen less should have been enough for the campaign alone), we were literally annihilated by more than one team we met online, showing that for many the essence of the game is found in the endgame rather than the main game.

If the situation is more than good from a technical point of viewwith a choice that we think lets you choose between a generally stable 60fps and better overall image quality (and we’re sure we’re not alone) We didn’t like the decision to continue insisting on three-dimensional graphics which debuted two and a half years ago with the sixth episode.

Again, from an economic point of view, this is an understandable decision on the part of NIS, which was thus able to use many of the assets already present in the company’s libraries and work hard to improve them, however, we continue to consider two-dimensional graphics as the most suitable , to represent this historic franchise.

We also encountered texture pop-in phenomena and very short freeze frames of the image in conjunction with some of the stronger graphical effects, but we assume that the development team is aware of these issues, which are never really bothersome, and is working on them Solution works with next patches.

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