Death Stranding is going to be a movie, but there’s bad news


We’ve known for a while that Hideo Kojima and Hammerstone Studios have announced the adaptation of Death Stranding a film that introduces new elements and characters.

The game (what you find At Amazon) was a bold experiment, also and mainly thanks to some decisions that were made for it casting and game play.

The announcement of the film It definitely got fans’ antennae pricked upalthough there was immediate talk of a not too big project.

Well, as also reported by GamesRadarthe confirmation has arrived Hideo Kojima will not be directing the filmbut will only oversee it.

In fact, Kojima cleared up a misunderstanding about the next film on social media Death Stranding. Indeed, the author is heavily involved in the new project, but he won’t be directing.

Kojima-san will actually have an oversight role, taking care of the film’s production, plot, visuals and design Death Stranding.

With that, good Hideo is still one step away from his dream of making a Hollywood feature film: It is known that his body is made up of about 100% 70% from moviesand it’s well documented over the years that Kojima once wanted to make movies rather than video games.

Unfortunately, this dream does not come true with the film Death Stranding.

Anyway, maybe it’s better to lower expectations than apparently It will be a modest budget productalthough fans certainly won’t miss it as it should.

Let’s stay on topic Black Knight is a Korean-produced series clearly inspired by the post-apocalyptic narrative Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima: you saw her?

Finally, Kojima will always be the protagonist of a documentary dedicated to him that will premiere soon: Here is the official trailer of the projectwhich seems to be very promising and interesting, especially for fans of the father of Metal Gear Solid.

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