April 19, 2024

Cyberpunk 2077, what will update 2.0 contain? CDPR responds


CD Projekt RED has explained in detail the main features that will be introduced with the Title update 2.0 From Cyberpunk 2077.

The well-known action RPG (which you will find At Amazon) will soon receive a final update that will bring the game to version 2.0.

The completely free patch will be released shortly after the expansion phantom freedom, This closes the circle.

According to the team, this patch will overhaul the police system and extensively overhaul the combat AI (via DSO gaming).

For NVIDIA RTX owners, Patch 2.0 adds support for DLSS 3.5whereby also the is introduced Ray reconstructionwhich will significantly improve the image quality of the game.

In addition, players can expect more 100 new itemsincluding weapons, cyberware and outfits, dozens of new story missions and concerts, as well as endless events and dynamic missions.

It is worth noting that CD Projekt RED will also be presented Combat with vehicles and mounted weaponswill redesign the cyberware and perks, increasing the level cap and adding a new skill tree and relics.

In short, Title Update 2.0 will be a major gameplay overhaul Cyberpunk 2077. Therefore, if you want to play the game again, we strongly recommend that you wait for the release of this patch as it seems to be the final version of CP2077.

CDPR has not yet announced when this update will be released. In theory, we should expect it to release alongside the DLC phantom freedom, on September 26th.

Still talking about the upcoming expansion, this one you’ll see Idris Elba as Solomon Reedan FIA agent working for the so-called new United States of America.

But that’s not all: always Cyberpunk 2077 I got a new mod thanks to OpenAI libraries makes CD Projekt RED’s title even more science fiction.

Finally, fans of CP2077 to which they can devote themselves another strictly unofficial game expansionall before the official update next month.

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