Could The Elder Scrolls 6 come to PS5? Hope is rekindled


While it was previously thought to be exclusive to Xbox and PC, it now appears to be so The Elder Scrolls VI could also appear on PlayStation 5 at some point.

Since Bethesda Game Studios released Starfield just six months ago (also available on Game Pass, which you can find At Amazon), the next title in the series The Elder Scrolls it's still a long way away.

According to new reports in the last few hoursXbox would have changed the strategy: even exclusives like Starfield And Indiana Jones they would be released for PS5.

This has led many to believe that Bethesda's next fantasy RPG could also be coming to PS5 (via Comic Book).

Assuming Xbox begins porting many of its future exclusives to the PS5, there's no reason to believe the company will abandon this practice before the release of The Elder Scrolls VI.

In fact, when the next chapter of TES will see the light, Xbox could be in it a third party.

It's worth noting that there is no guarantee of this The Elder Scrolls VI will ever release on PlayStation platforms and that this is all just speculation.

At the time of writing, Microsoft itself has not officially confirmed that it will be bringing any of these exclusive games to PlayStation. However, if this were to happen, Xbox's future would look very different.

Luckily for PlayStation players, these can bring strategy changes The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5.

Months ago, Xbox's Phil Spencer continued to say that the platforms the game will be released on were technically yet to be confirmed, although – exactly so Starfield – It was very likely that the new one was like that too TES It would not be released on PlayStation platforms.

To stay on topic, a fan of The Elder Scrolls has created a possible map of the sixth chapterwhich appears to be 50% larger than that of Skyrim.

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