Bloodborne, the free-to-play karting “remake,” has a release date


Bloodborne karting It was born as a joke, but over the months it turned out to be a full-fledged video game, mostly free.

The idea behind it was to fuse the legendary soulful from From Software with the classics Racing game with Nintendo karts (which you can find At Amazon).

Born as April Fool’s DayThe author of the project then decided to do so Update the gamewith the promise to publish it in an official capacity.

After all, if Bloodborne karting it was announced To everyone’s amazement, now is the time for one Exit date.

Lilith Walther actually announced this on social media Bloodborne karting will only see the light on the PC on January 31, 2024 and that will clearly be the case free for anyone who wants to download it.

For the few who don’t know: Bloodborne karting will be characterized by three types of levels: Races, battles and specials. The first two are quite telling from the name, while the special levels offer unique scenarios including boss fights.

Content available at launch includes 12 pilots, 16 maps and a true single-player campaign.

Once again, Lilith Walther’s work is incredible Bloodborne karting a project increasingly concrete and profoundalthough it was born as a joke.

In short, we will soon be able to find out how much and to what extent this fan project remains faithful to the original work.

That’s quite strange Bloodborne karting With that in mind, this is the only way FromSoftware’s historic Soulslike returns to the stage from time to time It’s been forgotten and fans don’t appreciate it.

This is without even counting them Exhumation of the cut contentswhat a showed even greater wildness for some enemies that were already seen and fought in the original title.

Finally, artist Potomy shared a video of a Minecraft map inspired by the classic Bloodborne this will leave you speechless.

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