April 14, 2024

Blasphemous 2 | Review – Penance for a new life


blasphemous 2 One can without a doubt speak of one of those sequels capable of learning from the mistakes of the past. And, of course, in the predecessor there were several, especially conceptual ones.

If you remember the verdict on the first game well (we’ll refresh your memory with ours). Check by Blasphemous), he couldn’t ignore the fact that there were a plethora of skills and functions that were for their own sake and never really crucial.

Likewise, one cannot help but praise an extremely sought-after and by no means trivial artistic sector capable of doing this blend the dark iconography of a fallen Christianity and the late 18th-century art of Goya along with traditions and culture of the city of Seville.

Blasphemous 2 and the expansion changes

Arrival today a blasphemous 2 With an expert eye and all the experience of someone who dutifully disposed of the predecessor, it means realizing how the development team listened very carefully to the press and public criticism and worked hard on it Eliminate certain inconclusive decisions which inevitably led to less sweeping assessments than actually expected.

If you remember correctly, in the first title of the series no special skills were required to unlock previously closed parts of the game. In this sense, Blasphemous He was downright stingy when it came to giving the character unique abilitiesIn addition, he proposed his combat system too simply, limiting himself to a few detailed actions and methods of defeating opponents They didn’t offer great alternatives or notable adjustments.

blasphemous 2 turns around clearly this bad trend and it also implements more carefully thought-out gameplay. Certainly more Metroidvania in the classic sense if we look at the areas to unlock in relation to the skills that are obtained little by little by overcoming the bosses or after reaching important checkpoints.

Blasphemous 2 learns from its predecessor and is more Metroidvania in the classic sense.

Here you are, blasphemous 2 This has learned to do very well while the card design (but mostly as they are Provide the screenshots) still has some shortcomings.

If you’re playing the same very basic genre – e.g. e.g. “simple”. Disney Island of Illusion (Buy on Amazon for less than 40 euros) – Equip simplicity with power and leave no doubt as to exactly where you are. This sequel continues to signal you that you are inside a “big square”, but from which you can move in multiple directions.

blasphemous 2 (with subtitles in Italian) can be completed in less than ten hoursbut the overall calculation may depend on your willingness to discover and collect all the secrets collectibles.

Some will waste more time than usual as the main focus is finding people and items in unmarked secret areas through fake walls, some of which can only be reached about halfway through the adventure and only if you have the skills and Utensils fully mastered.

Not bad, because managing the game that entails the wandering of the penitents is now done more pleasant and less prone to random attempts. Entering an area lets you know instantly when it’s in or out of range, and a couple of screens is enough to get your bearings and roughly understand which direction to move in.

In blasphemous 2 were also added Platform pieces that mingle with timed puzzles, where it is usually necessary to activate switches that require the player to slip under a gate or overcome obstacles very quickly before they return to their original form. It’s not about something overly complicated, mind you, but we think it is good way to counteract the monotony certain sections.

An eternal cycle of life, death and resurrection

There Story From blasphemous 2 It’s taken from the free DLC of the first game, where it was assumed that a second miraculous appearance of an unborn child would be a certainty. So here you control a “new” penitent ready to delve into a new world once more unexplored gothic and dark worldbetween eternal damnation, constant sacrifice and pain, where terrifying figures prey on you and whose only task is your immediate elimination.

I have to say that Some enemies were recycled from the first gameand we must also point out how blasphemous 2 seems to have lost something from the point of view of artistic inspiration.

This serves as a counterbalance to correcting the brand’s flaws in judging its predecessor, which nonetheless had a brilliant sense of the macabre, echoed in architectures, monsters, bosses, and in a much more unique imagery than the direct sequel.

Apparently, this puts the brakes on the ambitions of the development team a bit, who, in adapting the shot, may have lost sight of what makes it truly memorable and narrowed it down to what was necessary to maintain a sort of visual continuity that – mind you – always still works Very well, but needs more ideas in view of a possible conclusion of the trilogy.

blasphemous 2 take care of everything else You can choose one of the three available weapons from the startThe spectrum ranges from the consistently balanced base blade to the fast double blades to the classic, powerful but rather heavy attacking device. As the adventure progresses, you’ll come into possession of the other two and modify them as needed, but the imprint you give at the beginning will determine your playstyle.

Blasphemous 2 is more satisfying than the first game and the progression is pretty obvious.

Rosaries are back too, and everything that was properly implemented in the first game, this time with additional special abilities, varied attacks from a distance and a whole series of precautionary measures that make the game much more varied.

Actually consider that Certain weapons have specific ways of interacting with parts of the scenariosand that sometimes it will be imperative to switch from one to the other to combine attacks, provide sudden area releases, or move at lightning speed before it’s too late.

To illustrate the above: The heavy weapon is the only one that can ring bells, whose sound propagation allows the solid veil that hides moving areas to disappear. Instead, the double blades, in the presence of some angelic mirrors, allow the protagonist to zigzag like lightning immediately to the following ones, thus allowing a kind of rapid ascent that does not take gravity into account.

Then there are Skills that determine the duration of the parry window or others that make fights easier, which in any case remain raw and not very revealing if you give in to bravery or if you take too lightly certain opponents that can tear you to pieces with a single blow.

This also depends on how many times you have died since then Each exit has a penalty that causes you to lose some mana. However, it is enough to confess to those responsible for a fee, and you will be as you were before.

In the same city that serves as hubs The main thing is to be able to organize yourself in the best possible way to continue the adventure and, in general, if the unlocked parts of the map are very large, you will have some teleportation points at your disposal.

blasphemous 2 And more satisfying than the first gameand when the two titles are compared The advances are all clearly visible and mark a greater maturity of the development teamwho understood the mistakes made and gave the project a more reasonable shape.

The series hasn’t managed to really take off just yet, although there are excellent opportunities to keep improving and offer fans a possible third final chapter that finally excels in every way.

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