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Best Projector Screen in 2018 – Selection Process

The Selection of a Screen for a Projector

The surface where the image is shown is called a projector screen. It’s necessary to figure out kinds, types of construction, sizes of the surface and other criteria to acquire the optimal model.

Screens’ Classification by the Type of Installation

Portable screens for the projectors. Portable models can be easily moved from one place to another. The installation doesn’t require any additional instruments.

Stationary screens. They are locked on the surface that’s why they are always on the same spot.

Screens’ Classification by the Kind of Projection

  • With a direct projection. The image is displayed at the front of a fabric.
  • With a reverse projection . In this variant the projector is located at the back of the fabric and it provides the reverse demonstration of the projection.

Screens’ Classification by the Type of Construction

  • Roll screens for the projectors. If it’s necessary, the fabric should be unfolded. After it’s been used roll it. It can be done manually or automatically (motorized screens with the electric drive, for example).
  • Stretch screens. The fabric, where the image is displayed, should be locked with buttons or a cord. If the screen is locked on the wall, it will be stationary. And if it’s locked to the counters, it will be mobile.

The Size of a Multimedia Projector Screen

For all the types of screens, where the image will be shown, the size is one of the most important parameters. You should take into account following rules while choosing:

  • The distance from the screen to the first row of spectators equals width of the screen or doubles its height.
  • The height of the fabric equals 1/6 or more of the distance to the last spectator.
  • There is 4 feet distance from the lower edge of the screen to the floor.

Choosing the Screen by the Material of its Surface

The most important parameters of screen surface’s material are following:

  • Coefficient of gain. It’s a value that describes retro-reflection of the fabric. The higher is this coefficient, the brighter is a video. This allows the spectators to watch it being far away.
  • Contrast is an indicator used to describe how accurately bright and dark fragments of video are displayed.
  • Angle is a value that characterizes the part of a space, where all the spectators can look at the screen as comfortable as possible.

The most versatile variant for home watching is the screen with white opaque surface

TOP-7 Best Projection Screens

  • Elite Screens ezFrame Series, 135-inch Diagonal 16:9.
  • STR-169100 Silver Ticket 100″ Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV.
  • Best Choice Products 119in Ultra HD 1:1.
  • Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series, 92-inch Diagonal 16:9.
  • Elite Screens Spectrum, 180-inch Diag 4:3.
  • Visual Apex Projector Screen 144″ 4K Portable.
  • VIVO 100″ Electric Projector Screen.

Table of Main Characteristics of Models

Picture Product name Main characteristics Amazon Price
Elite Screens ezFrame Series, 135-inch Diagonal 16:9 Elite Screens ezFrame Series, 135-inch Diagonal 16:9 Overall Size: 122.4*70.9*1.6 in.
Diagonal: 135 in.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10.
Viewing Angle: 160 degrees.
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Best Choice Products 119in Ultra HD 1:1 Best Choice Products 119in Ultra HD 1:1 Overall Size: 92.5*74.5*4.75 in.
Diagonal: 119 in.
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.
Viewing Angle: 160 degrees.
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Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series, 92-inch Diagonal 16:9 Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series, 92-inch Diagonal 16:9 Overall Size: 84.9*49.8*1.6 in.
Diagonal: 92 in.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
Viewing Angle: 160 degrees.
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Elite Screens Spectrum, 180-inch Diag 4:3 Elite Screens Spectrum, 180-inch Diag 4:3 Overall Size: 155.4*118.5*3.1 in.
Diagonal: 180 in.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3.
Viewing Angle: 180 degrees.
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Visual Apex Projector Screen 144" 4K Portable Visual Apex Projector Screen 144″ 4K Portable Overall Size: 133*104.5*5 in.
Diagonal: 144 in.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
Viewing Angle: 160 degrees.
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VIVO 100" Electric Projector Screen VIVO 100″ Electric Projector Screen Overall Size: 80*60*4 in.
Diagonal: 180 in.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3.
Viewing Angle: 160 degrees.
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  1. Elite Screens ezFrame Series, 135-inch Diagonal 16:9

The area of Elite Screens ezFrame projection screen equals 135 inches. Sides’ ratio is 16:9. It provides the opportunity to show almost any kind of videomaterial.

Elite Screens is one of the best manufacturers of projection screens. The company has created a display, which can be used to watch both 4K Ultra HD and 3D projections.

The construction of Elite Screens ezFrame display envisages a frame, made of black anodized aluminum. Its weight is 18 kilograms and it’s very easy to set up (you have to just connect six parts of it). What’s more, mobile wall brackets allow moving the screen horizontally. This helps to place the display right for the most comfortable watching.

The screen is made of the material called AcousticPro. It is soundproof. And its angle equals 160 degrees. The material also allows setting up a hidden speaker behind the fabric. When the sound passes through the screen, it sounds more natural. White opaque surface provides a realistic display of colors because of its amazing color reproduction quality.

Elite Screens ezFrame has only one disadvantage. It’s a relatively big price, but a high quality of the display and different sizes of the screen are solid reasons to consider buying this model.

If you already have a projector, but you are not ready to spend much money for the projection screen, it means that 100-inch Silver Ticket will become the best choice for you.

This model has a good ration of technical characteristics and a price. The process of setting it up is very easy. It takes only several minutes.

The angle of the screen equals 160 degrees. The image is displayed in a high quality. None of the parameters worsen. You can enjoy watching films and playing games both in Full 1080p HD and Active 3D.

The material of Silver Ticket is fire-resistant and antibacterial. You can use water and special cleaning supplies to brush it.

Silver Ticket is a stationary screen. You can easily set it up on your own. There’s no need to seek the professional help.  The excellent quality of video projection and reasonable price make Silver Ticket one of the best screens for projectors.

  1. Best Choice Products 119in Ultra HD 1:1

Inexpensive and mobile 119-inch projection screen Best Choice is a good variant for those who would like to save money. The model is not well-known, but if you want to buy a good screen for a cheap price, it’s a right choice.

The angle of the screen is 160 degrees.This projection screen features a 1:1 high gain that provides brighter images, even in rooms lit with higher ambient lighting.

Best Choice is easily set up. It has a light body and antistatic screen.  It’s comfortable to use in business, education and at home.

The model is already produced for several years, but cheap price makes it a good thing to buy.

  1. Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series, 92-inch Diagonal 16:9

Elite Screens Sable Frame has a 92-inch display. Its ratio is 16:9. It is mostly used in small rooms. The height of the screen is 50 inches and its width is 85 inches.

Elite Screens Sable Frame is intended for watching both Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD. The angle of the model is 160 degrees. It’s compatible with Standard, Short Throw and UHD/HD projectors.

The screen can be easily put together. It has a body made of aluminum. A high quality of the model’s construction makes it impossible for creases to appear after setting up.

The material of the screen CineWhite has a completely black background. It’s mildew resistant and easy to clean with soap and water.

  1. Elite Screens Spectrum, 180-inch Diag 4:3

Elite Screens Spectrum has got a 180-inch display with 16:9 ratio. It’s designed for watching 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D videos. It’s equipped with motorized and drop down fabric.

The model is a great addition to home cinema. That’s why you should use it in larger rooms. The height of it is 118 inches and its width is 155 inches. That allows to watch your favorite films and series in a good quality.

The screen’s angle is 180 degrees. It’s possible to watch videos from almost all places in a room. Completely black and dense fabric prevents light penetration.

Elite Screens Spectrum has got an infrared remote control and a switch on a wall for automatic drop down of the fabric.

This projection screen is quite heavy and durable. It’s intended for setting up on the wall or a ceiling.

The model is not very cheap. But your whole family will like this fantastic screen with a silent engine and a very realistic image transmission.

  1. Visual Apex Projector Screen 144″ 4K Portable

Visual Apex Projector Screen’s diagonal equals 144 inches. The model is equipped with a tripod for moving it in any place at home faster. This screen is good for watching videos at picnics or parties in the yard behind a house.

The screen’s height is 133 inches and the width is 105 inches. The model provides unforgettable emotions for everyone. It brings evenings with friends or family to a completely new level of enjoyment.

The angle of the screen equals 160 degrees. It has black and thick material, which is protected from ultraviolet radiation. It’s stain-repellent and very easy to clean. There is a bag for storing and transporting in the kit.

Easy and fast setting up, durable anchorage and good-quality construction will make using this model even more pleasant. Your family will be into it.

  1. VIVO 100″ Electric Projector Screen

Inexpensive VIVO Electric Projector Screen is an ideal combination of reasonable price and amazing quality. Its height is 60 inches and width is 80 inches. Sides’ ratio is 4:3. Its durable body is made of metal.

It’s possible to set the screen up on walls or a ceiling. The material of the screen itself MaxWhite is completely black. It prevents light penetration during watching your favorite films.

The screen can be automatically dropped down and lifted via remote control. VIVO Electric Projector Screen can be used for LED, LCD и DLP projectors. It supports watching 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D videos.

Best Projector Screen

Choosing a projection screen becomes difficult right after you see all of the models available. There are a lot good options and factors that help you to choose among them. In fact, it’s quite easy if a customer understands what he exactly wants to see as a result.

Firstly, in order to choose the right screen you should decide the purpose of buying it, the place where it will be used and what you will watch. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account amount of light in a room. Check if it is possible to block it. The last criterion is a price. You should decide whether you can afford an expensive screen or not. Everybody chooses considering his opportunities.


The best option available is nowadays Silver Ticket 100-Inch Screen. It has a good quality and price ratio. The model can be easily set up. The process takes only several minutes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this screen. Your family will be happy to use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best format for the screen?

The most popular multimedia format among the other is 16:9. Most of the films are made in it. So, if you are going to buy the projection screen for watching films, then buy a model with 16:9 ratio.

If you need the device mostly to show texts and documents on it, it’s better to acquire the 4:3 ratio screen. It’s also a good option for showing web pages.

If you choose the screen wrong, there can be black strips at the top, bottom and on the side of it.

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