Best mini (portable) projector up to $100 in 2017-2018

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What do you need to know to choose a mini projector?

The mini projector is useful in situations where it is necessary to hold a presentation for the audience in a small room, or if you want to watch films at home. Unlike standard size devices, this gadget is compact, with the least loss of the image quality. The smaller size of projector makes its price lower, and you can with no problem pick an best mini projector within $100.

Having decided the budget for the purchase of the device, you have to look at the brightness level and image quality you would like to get. It is recommended to pay attention to the screen resolution – the number of pixels arranged vertically and horizontally, and also the intensity of the light flux indicated in lumens.

But it can be difficult to choose the most suitable device in the variety that offers the market. It is much simpler and logical to choose from the top 5 models portable projectors for 100 dollars, comparing their characteristics with your needs.

Top-5 projectors with the cost up to $100

  • TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector.
  • DR.J (Upgraded) Mini Projector.
  • RAGU Z400 1600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector.
  • GooDee Mini 1800 lumens.
  • DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens Mini Projector.

Each of the five occupies a leading position in the category. Their distinctive features should be discussed in more detail.

Comparison table best mini projectors up to $100

Picture  Product name  Main characteristics Price projector on Amazon
TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector Image Brightness: 1500 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1.
Display Technology: LCD.
Projection screen: 35-175 in.
Item Dimensions: 2.76*7.68*5.91 in.
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 RAGU Z400 1600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector RAGU Z400 1600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector Image Brightness: 1600 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1.
Display Technology: LCD.
Projection screen: 50-130 in.
Item Dimensions: 5.1*8.8*12.2 in.
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 GooDee Mini GooDee Mini Image Brightness: 1800 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1.
Display Technology: LCD.
Projection screen: 50-130 in.
Item Dimensions: 5.75*8.97*3.13 in.
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 DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens Mini Projector DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens Mini Projector Image Brightness: 1500 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1.
Display Technology: LED (Light source) +LCD (Display).
Projection screen: 32-170 in.
Item Dimensions: 8*12*4.5 in.
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  1. TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector

Projector TENKER Q5 is a luxury version of LED gadget. It not only has the ability to process the input signal with a resolution of Full HD (1080*1920р) with the own resolution of 800*480р, but also differs by the considerable intensity of brightness (1500 lumens). Being really miniature, TENKER Q5 projects an image with a diagonal 35-98 inches, depending on the distance to the screen. The projector works with video files and images of all popular formats and text documents.

Mini projector can be easily connected and configured with different multimedia devices. It can be connected to:

  • Smartphone, tablet.
  • PC or laptop.
  • TV.
  • Game console.
  • TF card and USB storage.

To connect TENKER Q5 to the device you have to select the appropriate mode of operation and connect wires.

Gadget is equipped with an innovative cooling system that ensures the heat exchange process, working almost silently. Besides that, the manufacturer gives a guarantee on the device with a rated lifetime of three years.

That makes the projector a multipurpose device, that can be used for work, relax or learn. It does not take much space, but will provide a high quality image on the screen.

  • Compactness.
  • Easy to operate.
  • High image quality.
  • Increased brightness.
  • Large projection diagonal.
  • Silent operation.
  • Excellent price.
  • TENKER Q5 works best in a well-darkened room.
  • There is no socket for the tripod, therefore it can only be placed on a horizontal surface.
  • To connect a device to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, you will need to purchase an HDMI cable.

The DR.J projector passed the process of modernization, which made its glow 70% brighter than that of its analogues, – up to 1800 lumens (an indicator of light intensity). The device projects the image of excellent quality (its own resolution is of 840*480 pixels) due to the newest technology of five-layer grinding of the LCD lens. The format of the supported signal can reach 1920*1080p.

The dimensions of the projected image on the screen can range from 31 to 177 inches diagonally, depending on the distance to the projector. Distance from the projector: 1,5-5 meters.

Mini projector DR.J supports multimedia gadgets of different formats, has inputs for all possible types of devices. The list includes: PCs, laptops, SD-cards, USB-drives, DVD-players, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, multimedia players. By the parameters of supported files, the list of extensions is maximal.

Besides that, the gadget works with a technology of healthy beam reflection, implying the direction of the reflected, and not the direct, light beam on the screen. Such a measure reduces eye fatigue even with a prolonged contact with the projected image.

Built-in stereo loudspeaker allows you clearly play the audio track of video files.

Modernization also touched the cooling system of the mini projector DR.J. Now it includes two fans that work without noise.

In other words, modernized DR.J is an excellent type of projector for home entertainment: watching movies, images, video games on a big screen in excellent quality. The projector does not take up much space, and is easy to set up.

  • High brightness.
  • Excellent picture quality.
  • A large number of supported file formats.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Guarantee of work for 40000 hours.
  • Guarantee of return.
  • Adequate price.
  • When adjusting the focus of the lens, may appear blurred edges in the image.
  • Presentation in the lighted room is dim.
  1. RAGU Z400 1600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector

Portable LED projector RAGU Z400 can be easily carried in a small bag, without making it heavier. The intensity of a light beam of the device is 1600 lumens, the own resolution of the projected image is 840*480p with a maximum format of the original signal of 1920*1080p.

The size of the screen diagonal can reach 130 inches. Built-in speakers can also enhance the sound of the source file.

The mini projector is equipped with a cooling system made of the latest light and durable materials that allows you to maintain the heat exchange at the optimum level, without making operational noise.

RAGU Z400 is equipped with connection ports for all types of multimedia devices. The projector easily interacts with smartphones and tablets, PCs and laptops, game consoles and televisions and other storage media. To connect the desired device, all you have to do is choose the operating mode and connect it with wires with RAGU Z400.

The Mini Projector RAGU Z400 is guaranteed more than 30,000 hours of life. The manufacturer gives a one year warranty with the possibility to replace parts of the device or return the gadget.

Portable projector RAGU Z400 is ideal for home theater or restroom. Its versatility allows to use all media to reproduce video, images or sound.

  • Brightness .
  • Image quality.
  • Compactness and lightness.
  • Noiseless cooling system.
  • Large screen size.
  • Worthy price.
  • Not enough brightness for presentations.
  • Does not support text formats and computational documents.
  1. GooDee Mini Projector 1800 lumens review

The image brightness (intensity of the light beam) that projected by the model GooDee YG500 reaches 1600 lumens. Its native resolution is 800*480p with a possible maximum input signal of 1920*1080p. Dimensions of the screen (39-130 inches) depend on the distance between the screen and the projector: 1-5 meters.

This device is so portable that it will easily fit in the bag and will not add weight when traveling. Mini projector has a simple control system, adjust which will take just a couple of minutes.

Having all necessary ports for connecting all possible multimedia gadgets, the GooDee YG500 projector perfectly works with TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, game console and other source files media. The device can reproduce the variety of video, music and image formats.

Built-in speaker allows to get new sensations from the sound of usual movies and tracks. A competently designed fan helps to avoid overheating the projector. The lifetime declared by the manufacturer is more than 30000 hours.

In other words, GooDee YG500 is an excellent projector for relaxing, whether it is used for viewing photos, movies or video games. It is easy to carry, you can take it even on a small picnic outside the city.

  • Compactness and lightness.
  • Image brightness and direct ray.
  • Image quality.
  • Low cost.
  • Ease of use.
  • Support of all file formats.
  • Quiet operation of the cooling fan.
  • Insufficient brightness for presentations in a bright room.
  • Does not support text and word files.
  1. DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens lcd Mini Projector review

Portable LED projector DBPOWER T20 is a device that projects an image with a brightness of 1600 lumens, while its own resolution is 800*480p, and the maximum format of the original document is 1920*1080p.

Depending on how far the projector stands from the wall (1.5-5 meters), the screen size will vary from 30 to 177 inches diagonally. Excellent image quality is combined with a high level of sound amplified by the built-in DBPOWER T20 speaker.

The ventilation system allows the device operate without overheating. Its innovative technology makes it possible to work without creating noise interfering with viewing of movies or games.

Mini projector DBPOWER T20 can work in tandem with a phone or tablet, TV or PC. It can be connected to data drives or memory cards.

The declared period of the projector lifetime is 50000 hours. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for three years.

The portable projector DBPOWER T20 is the best option for a family theater. It is suitable for watching movies and photos, you can also play video games. Its portability makes possible to arrange an impromptu movie theater in any dark ambient that have a flat wall for projection.

  • Bright projection.
  • High quality image.
  • Compactness and mobility.
  • Ease of use.
  • Quiet ventilation operation.
  • Built-in sound.
  • Low price.
  • Not suitable for office presentations.

Not suitable for working with text documents.

Choosing the best portable mini projector up to $100 – Buyer’s Guide

Choose a mini projector model with the cost within $100 is easy, especially if you compare characteristics of the best options.

Choosing a portable projector you should first determine the list of its future tasks. Now the market offers a huge number of devices, however, most of them are designed for entertainment and are not suitable for business presentations. Here you will need a more expensive model with a luminous intensity more than 2500 lumens. But for personal use (movies, music, games) there are a lot of quality projectors at a budget price.


Which mini projector is the best of TOP-5?

All of the above models are leading in the category of mini projectors. But if you want to choose the best one, focusing on the ratio of price and quality, you can choose the DR.J (Upgraded) Mini Projector.

The brightness of its lamp allows to get a better image quality. And the special technology of image transmission reduce eye strain. The screen size itself has greatest parameters. In combination with a long lifetime and a guarantee from the manufacturer, modernized DR.J becomes the best model among mini projectors.

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