Best Mini Projector Review 2020 — Choosing the Best One

Portable projector is a very convenient device

Mini projector is a compact and portable version of a standard one which features all its functions. When you have no possibility to move the equipment of the standard size or need some economy you can always select mini model of a multimedia device considering it has all necessary projector features.

Good projector meets all customer requirements and performs all the tasks. Mini projectors are not the exception. On should choose the model thoroughly considering their expensiveness.

You must remember that small dimensions may influence device functionality. The smaller projector the smaller screen size and other device parameters.

When purchasing portable projector one should consider such parameters as screen size, high quality content output possibility, embedded Wi-Fi module availability, battery capacity.

Mini projector will greatly help in professional activities and will add comfort at home if you choose the device correctly!

Top-5 best mini projectors

  • QKK [2020 Upgrade] Portable Mini-Projector
  • Sony Portable Pico Projector 120” Screen
  • LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector with Bluetooth Sound
  • Optoma IntelliGO-S1 Mobile Android LED 720P DLP Projector
  • AAXA P6 Mini LED Projector


  • APEMAN Mini Portable Projector Video

Mini projectors specifications table

Picture  Product name  Main characteristics Amazon Price
Sony Portable Pico Projector 120” Screen
  • Native Resolution: 854*480
  • Image Brightness: 105 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 400:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: up to 120 in.
  • Item Dimensions: 2.2*4.5*8.5 in.
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LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector with Bluetooth Sound LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector with Bluetooth Sound
  • Native Resolution: 1280*720
  • Image Brightness: 550 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 100,000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: up to 100 in.
  • Item Dimensions: 6.9*4.3*1.7 in.
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Optoma IntelliGO-S1 Mobile Android LED 720P DLP Projector Optoma IntelliGO-S1 Mobile Android LED 720P DLP Projector
  • Native Resolution: 1280*800
  • Image Brightness: 500 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Projection screen: up to 20-150 in.
  • Item Dimensions: 6.2*4.72*1.22 in.
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AAXA P6 Mini LED Projector AAXA P6 Mini LED Projector
  • Native Resolution: 1280*800
  • Image Brightness: 600 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2,000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: up to 10-140 in.
  • Item Dimensions: 5*4.8*1.7 in.
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APEMAN Mini Portable Projector Video APEMAN Mini Portable Projector Video
  • Native Resolution: 854*480
  • Image Brightness: 100 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: up to 30-100 in.
  • Item Dimensions: 3.86*3.86*0.87 in.
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This compact and highly portable projector is supplied with a lightweight, steady tripod mount. Setup is simple and logical: even if you use a projector for the first time, you can easily connect it, and watch films or play games.

Though QKK has native resolution 800*480 pixels, it can support 720p and 1080p formats. Lamp service life is 50,000 hours – a long duration for a mini-projector.

5-watt built-in speaker allows you to enjoy overwhelming surround sound effect.

Projector supports AV, HDMI, SD cards and VGA interfaces, which makes it compatible with almost any device. Double USB port is available, as well as possibility to connect TV BOX, TV Stick or ROKU Stick.

Size of displayed screen is up to 176 inches. You can mount this projector on the tripod, or fix to the ceiling. Additionally, remote control and HDMI cable are provided.


  • Low price.
  • Double USB port.
  • Large projected screen.
  • Variety of connectivity options.


  • Image quality is not high enough, if you contrast it with expensive models.

2. Sony Portable Pico Projector 120” Screen

This projector is easily portable in a pocket or in case and weights just 0.68 pound. It features nice and stringent design due to the smooth black metallic housing. Model assembly quality is rather high.

It goes without any support or mount. But this shortage is compensated by the trapezoidal distortion auto correction function so you can adjust projection horizontal no matter how the device is positioned.

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The projector is limited in terms of external devices interconnection. It has HDMI (MHL compatible), USB 2.0, and USB Type-C interfaces. The lack of memory card slot and Wi-Fi module substantially limits the choice of content sources.

Battery power provides 120 minutes of operation without charge which is a good characteristic for mini projector.

One of the disadvantages of t his projector is its acoustics. The model has only one 1W speaker which can’t provide good sound quality. That is why one should use standard audio output for the external speaker. In a small room Sony Portable Pico Projector volume level will suite well but if you use it in spacious auditory it will need some optimization.

Sony Portable Pico Projector image quality is average. Providing brightness of 105 lm and 400:1 contrast the images are somewhat blurred and dimmed. Blue has some shades of purple and yellow is tinted green. Notwithstanding manual focus adjustment option image is not always sharp. That is why it is recommended to use the projector in dark rooms. It will not suit for the lighted and semi lighted rooms.

Despite these disadvantages Sony Portable Pico Projector is a worthy device. It is not the best  one but this mini projector has good battery capacity and assembly quality.


  • Good design and rugged housing.


  • No memory card slot.

3. LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector with Bluetooth Sound

It may seem huge if compared with other models due to its dimensions. The size of LG Electronics PH550 is 6.9*4.3*1.7 inches. However this is a portable model which is easier to move than any standard device. There is a special case for transportation which is rather useful accessory if you are going anywhere.

Besides standard HDMI port, composite output and USB drives slot PH550 has Bluetooth option and coaxial connector enables TV antenna connection.

Projector may be controlled remotely. Using this remote control you can employ all the functions of the device including menu, image parameters adjustment etc.

The only disadvantage of the model is that it has no memory card option. It may be considered as a serious deficiency as MicroSD cards are often used with the projectors to show photos or video.

Image brightness is good and color quality is rather high. Image quality is above average which allows to use this mini projector both in lighted and dark rooms.

LG PH550 is not the smallest mini projector but it has additional functionality due to its dimensions.


  • Good image quality.


  • No memory card slot.

4. Optoma IntelliGO-S1 Mobile Android LED 720P DLP Projector

Optoma IntelliGO-S1 is a steady market leader. This device has all necessary features including ergonomic and strong design, many connection options and high audio and visual performance.

The projector has definition of 1280*800 pixels and supports content up to 1080p. All the images are sharp, the colors are adequate and there is no transmission lag. Seldom there is a feeling of the excessive color saturation.

The lamp brightness of 500 lm and 15,000:1 contrast ratio provide qualitative projection even in the lighted room.

The mini projector 1.2:1 projection ratio. Focus and trapezoidal distortion may be adjusted manually.

The device has 2W embedded speaker which provides pure sound which is heavy enough.

There are separate USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, HDMI connector, Ethernet, audiovisual port and headphones output. Besides the projector has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. The housing has 4 small stubs, Support and mount are also available.

Besides other multiple functions IntelliGO-S1 has sensor control provided by control buttons located on the top of the housing. The same functional buttons are on the remote control.

This is an Android based projector. The device features elaborated and easily adjustable interface. One can download any of the variety of applications using Internet. The gadget has embedded 8GB memory for applications and multimedia content storage. There is an option for mobile device connection.

The IntelliGO-S1 disadvantage is that it needs external power supply connection because it has no embedded battery which is may seem inconvenient in a way.

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  • Good image quality.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


  • No battery.

5. AAXA P6 Mini LED Projector

AAXA P6 is a modern and stylish mini projector having definition of 1280*800 pixels and assembly quality meeting the highest standards.

This mini projector has various connections and interfaces so one can use the gadget at work or at home. You can find HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, and MicroSD inputs on the back panel, but there is no Wi-fi and Bluetooth modules.

P6 is provided with the compact remote control which is convenient for business meetings.

The brightness of AAXA P6 Mini LED Projector is 600 lm and lamp service life up to 30,000 yours. The device supports the screen up to 140 inches. The image is of the average quality when used in the dark room. In the lighted room one can notice the lack of colors and image sharpness.

2W speaker is enough for the room of the average area.

The battery capacity provides 80 minutes of operation.

AAXA P6 goes with one year warranty. The support via phone or Internet is also available.

Generally AAXA P6 Mini LED Projector is a good choice to be used at home in the guest or any other small room.


  • Compact and stylish.


  • Small battery capacity.
  • Moderate image quality.

6. APEMAN Mini Portable Projector Video

Apeman M4 is a real mini projector which can be moved in your jeans pocket or in a bag. Even though the model is not multifunctional this projector is a good option for those who is often on the way. Thanks to its design and slim but strong housing Apeman M4 will serve you well for a long time.

Apeman M4 features LED lamp of 50 lm. This means that in total darkness the image will be good and sharp. But when used in lighted room or in the day light the image quality will be moderate.

It has 1,000:1 contrast ration and 854*480 definition which is not high enough for the modern projector. The model has manual focus option but there is no trapezoidal distortion adjustment function.

Some colors of the light spectrum are not accurate. Mainly this is true for the warm colors such as orange which has shades of yellow.

Apeman M4 has two 1W stereo speakers located on its sides. The sound is rather loud and deep for such a small device.

Embedded battery provides 90 minutes of operation. This is quite enough to watch YouTube video, photos or short film.

The minus of this model is that it has no remote control and that it is incompatible with some Apple gadgets.


  • Compact and stylish.


  • Limited functionality.

Choosing the best mini projector

Thus we can say that mini projector is a convenient and necessary device for work and for home entertainment.

Among apparent benefits of the mini projector we can mark the following:

  • Light weight and compactness which allow to store it in any place.
  • Easy to use and transport.

But there are also some deficiencies:

  • Lower brightness of an image due to the lower light flux intensity.
  • Limited screen size.
  • Absence of many functions providing image quality adjustment resulting in the image blur.

Other mini projectors models are described in other reviews. Take a look at the following models: Top-5 Best Projectors Under $100 In 2020.


We have reviewed mini-projectors of different price ranges, and it is difficult to choose the best one. All the mentioned models are worth buying.

Our recommendation is to draw a careful comparison between their characteristics, given in the table, study the description, and let your own demands and budget guide you in your preference.

If you still hesitate, choose QKK [2020 Upgrade] Portable Mini-Projector inexpensive model. In spite of its cost, it will satisfy all your requirements. The projector is small-sized and easy to transport, offers a wide range of displayed screen sizes (from 32 to 176 inches), and good image quality. Besides, you can connect almost any device to the model.

Just make a choice and enjoy your watching!

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