For lovers of the genre, there’s no better time HorrorAs that of Halloweento enjoy some video games that can give you goosebumps. So, we at SpazioGames We have already made you a suggestion Our selection of the best horror games for Halloween – but what to do if you don’t want to spend a lot but are looking for a lot Horror games for less than ten euros? In this case too, we will take care of it.

Below you’ll find our selection of the best cheap horror movies, including some excellent titles worth exploring – and for which we recommend you arm yourself with a PC, the platform for which you’ll find the cheapest prices ever.

The best horror films under 10 euros

Blair Witch

Horror in the forest

The year is 1996, when the forests of the Black Hills are in Blair Witch, swallow a poor little boy in Maryland. The former police officer Ellis, whose role you will play, will try to track him down to find out what happened to the young man: however, the answer is disturbing and is closely linked to the Blair Witch, who seems to haunt the forest where we conduct our research.

In a whirlpool of horror and psyche, you begin a police investigation that will lead Ellis to confront his own nightmares – and there is nothing scarier.

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Dead by daylight

Asymmetrical horror

If you’d rather feel hunted in a multiplayer game than a single-player narrative, set your sights on it Dead by daylight: In this asymmetrical horror game, players take on the role of four survivors or a killer hunting them.

You can choose which characters you want to play, and while the unfortunate people are controlled in third person, you take on the role of the murderer from a subjective perspective. Ideal for horror evenings with friends, between those who fight not to be killed and those who are ready to do anything to kill.

The price is only a few cents above the 10 euro limit we set, but it is absolutely worth it.

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Outlast II

The nightmare at the temple gate

The experience is a completely different atmosphere Outlast II: This first-person horror film introduces you to the fearsome Sullivan Knoth, who, along with his followers, created the Temple Gate community – a community far from civilization and anyone who might try to enforce humanly acceptable rules.

This is where we will find ourselves in our adventure, in the role of cameraman Blake Langermann, and this is where we will have to carry out our investigations. But is it really worth risking so much to tell the stories of Temple Gate? Or perhaps it would be better to pretend it didn’t exist at all, to save us from its indelible horrors?

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Amnesia Collection

A complete journey into horror

If you want to get closer to the spooky series Amnesia, The ideal solution is to purchase Amnesia Collection. Inside you can take it home in a single solution Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs And Amnesia: The Dark Descentboth first-person horror films in which you confront the madness and disturbing depths of humanity.

But how much of the horror is made worse by the state of your mind? Now you don’t have to spend so much to find out…

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Little nightmares

It all seemed so nice and inviting, but instead…

Few games could fool you more than Little nightmares: Tarsier’s work presents itself as a title with an almost childlike feel, similar to an animated film, but behind its initial cartoonish effect lie horrors of all kinds – balanced with the innate fears of all of us as children.

As Six, we must face the scariest dollhouse imaginable, between creepy animated creatures and those made even worse by our imagination – while every little creak brings with it disturbing images. The title is the forerunner of a trilogy with which The third chapter is currently in progress.

You can learn more about the game in our review.

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Layers of fear

The painter’s original horror

Try to imagine a subjective horror film set in a painter’s paintings: this is the original Layers of fearwhere you take on the role of a cursed artist who gives life and color in his canvases to the horrors that reside in his soul.

The result is a video game full of obsessions, images that allude to brutality and intrigue of the psyche and will appeal to those who focus primarily on plot and atmosphere in horror. Recently rejected under new clothes Layers of fear, the game remains a prime example of the absolutely brilliant marriage of horror and inspiration. And the price today really is something for everyone.

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Alien: Isolation

A timeless classic

A horror video game that all fans of the genre must experience at least once in their life is without a doubt Alien: Isolation: As Amanda, daughter of Ellen Ripley, you find yourself in a desperate fight for safety in which you must discover the truth about what happened to your mother.

However, the world in which you will move contains not only all kinds of worries, but also an alien who has no mercy on you – who is helpless and desperate.

How can one survive in the midst of all this? Try to find out on Halloween. And go deeper if you want, with our review.

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Dying light

Goodnight and good luck

Day and night are as different as… day and night Dying light. If you have to wander through a city ravaged by a terrible epidemic with the sun high in the sky, searching for resources that will help you survive, the infected will be ready to hunt you at night – forcing you to kill them to use what you found and concocted when you had the advantage of the day on your side.

Will you survive the full moon and wait for the sun to return?

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