Best 4k Laser Projector of 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

What are laser projectors?

In contrast to the more common lamps their operation is based on a laser light source.

The laser works with a very high frequency so that the eye can not notice it and only perceives the generated image. Moreover it will be high-quality on any surface – you do not need to use a projection screen although the result will be better with it.

Top-5 best models of best 4k laser projectors

  • ViewSonic LS700-4K 4K UHD Laser Projector.
  • Optoma ZH406 1080p Professional Laser Projector.
  • LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater.
  • NEC Display PJ-P525UL LCD Projector.
  • VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector.


  • Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector.
  • Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector.

Comparison table of best laser projectors

Picture  Product name  Main characteristics Amazon Price
ViewSonic LS700-4K 4K UHD Laser Projector ViewSonic LS700-4K 4K UHD Laser Projector
  • Native Resolution: 3840*2160
  • Image Brightness: 3,300 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 3,000,000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: 60-300 in.
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Optoma ZH406 1080p Professional Laser Projector Optoma ZH406 1080p Professional Laser Projector
  • Native Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Image Brightness: 4,500 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 300,000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: 32-300 in.
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LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater
  • Native Resolution: 3840*2160
  • Image Brightness: 2,500 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 150,000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: 40-150 in.
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NEC Display PJ-P525UL LCD Projector NEC Display PJ-P525UL LCD Projector
  • Native Resolution: 1920*1200
  • Image Brightness: 5,000 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 500,000:1
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Projection screen: 25-300 in.
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Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector
  • Native Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Image Brightness: 4,200 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 300,000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Projection screen: 36-300 in.
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Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector
  • Native Resolution: 1280*800
  • Image Brightness: 2,000 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2,500,000:1
  • Display Technology: 3LCD
  • Projection screen: 30-150 in.
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1. ViewSonic LS700-4K 4K UHD Laser Projector

The ViewSonic LS700-4K projector combines laser projection technology with ultra high resolution 4K UHD and high brightness projection of 3,300 ANSI lumens.

The LS700-4K provides a premium image level for creating a home theater in any room during the day or night.

Using the latest laser light technology that supports a long light source life of up to 20,000 hours, the LS700-4K allows you to enjoy watching movies, participating in video games and other multimedia entertainment for a long time.

Thanks to HDR compatibility, exclusive CinemaSuperColor ™ technology, and native Ultra HD 3840*2160 resolution the LS700-4K is able to convey an unforgettable and exciting sensations that you only expect to get in a movie theater.

With high brightness and optimized sound this projector delivers vivid visuals and immersive sound in almost any room or space while ultra-low input latency ensures faster frame interleaving and smooth gameplay without delay.


  • 4K UHD (3840*2160p) Resolution.
  • Ideal for Movies and Other Multimedia Entertainment.
  • Packed with 3,300 Lumens for Bright Images in Any Environment.
  • HDR10 Content Support for Detailed Video Playback.
  • Amazing Color Accuracy with SuperColor Technology.
  • 360-Degree Orientation for Flexible Installation.
  • 3D Blu-Ray Ready HDMI Input.
  • Long Lasting Light Source Lasts up to 20,000 hours.


  • Not very bright in the preferred home theater color mode.
  • Poor black level and contrast.
  • The internal fan can be noisy.

2. Optoma ZH406 1080p Professional Laser Projector

The ZH406-W is a compact laser projector with 1080p resolution equipped with a laser light source that requires no maintenance for 30,000 hours at full brightness.

The projector is equipped with many functions, has a built-in speaker and is compatible with 4K and HDR. The compact body combined with 1.6x zoom and vertical shift of the lens makes it easy and convenient to use.

The Optoma projector provides reliable color performance for any content regardless of external conditions. The display mode allows you to make individual settings. High contrast allows you to add more depth to the image, bright whites and rich blacks.

The ZH406-W plays 3D content in original quality from almost any 3D source including 3D Blu-ray and other latest consoles.

Various connectors such as USB, HDMI will allow you to connect to AppleTVs, GoogleChromecast. The model has an RJ45 connector that allows you to control the projector via Crestron, Extron, AMX or Telnet.

The projector is designed to operate 24 hours a day in standard mode. Ideal for use for long periods of time. And if the projector is left on but not used, it turns off automatically – if it does not receive a signal from outside for a specified period of time.

Ideal for business, education and museums that require a clear, vivid image.


  • Incredibly bright and robust professional projector with low maintenance laser operation.
  • High Dynamic Range for brighter whites, deeper black levels & color accuracy.
  • Zoom, vertical keystone correction, portrait mode and 360-degree projection.
  • Connectivity: 1*HDMI, 1*HDMI 2.0, VGA, composite, 2*audio in (3.5mm), mic in, USB-A (power, 5V, 1.5A), VGA out, audio out, 12v trigger, 3D sync, micro USB.
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  • Built-in speakers are too weak for outdoor use.

3. LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater

The 4K projector has an unusual design: a narrow elongated body provides various options for installing the projector – it can be placed vertically, horizontally or fixed to the ceiling, and the mirror in the lens cover allows you to quickly change the height of the projection vertically.

The projector has a resolution of 3840*2160 with 8.3 million pixels projected with XPR video processing. The image is 4 times more dense and detailed that is important for large-size projections.

A powerful laser-phosphor light source provides a bright image for 20,000 hours.

HDR technology allows you to adjust colors and tones, making the image more vivid. The brightness of 2,500 lumens will allow you to get a clear picture in any room.

The high brightness of the laser projector is guaranteed for the entire service life without the cost of replacing a conventional lamp as required by projectors with a lamp light source.

The trapezoid adjustment technology automatically detects and corrects image distortions on the screen.

The projector uses the latest version of WebOS offering the same range of applications and intuitive setup interface that has been used in LG TVs for many years.

The projector has Ethernet, optical output, wired HDMI ARC interface, wireless Bluetooth module and USB.


  • HDR10 compatible.
    Standby Mode: Less than 0.5W.
  • Lg Smart TV enabled.
  • Bluetooth sound Out.


  • Doesn’t support 3D content.

4. NEC Display PJ-P525UL

The NEC PJ-P525UL is a laser LCD projector that combines advanced features at a reasonable price making it an ideal solution for educational institutions and corporate conference rooms.

This projector, based on laser light source technology, has an exceptional service life of up to 20,000 hours without the need for maintenance.

The NEC PJ-P525UL has all the qualities of a high-quality projector: high contrast (500,000:1), brightness of 5,000 lumens, accurate color reproduction, WUXGA resolution, 3D support, low noise level of 22 dB (Eco).

Wide connectivity options and optional WiFi connection provide high operational flexibility. The advanced built-in MultiPresenter program allows you to play wireless presentations and teleconferences simultaneously on up to 16 devices.

The projector has analog (VGA) and digital (HDMI, HDBaseT) ports. It has the functions of wireless connection and network administration. An optional wireless Wi-Fi module allows you to display information from smartphones and tablets to the projector.


  • 5,000 lumens (color and white).
  • Horizontal & Vertical lens shift enables flexible projector placement.
  • No filter service required – a completely sealed optical laser LCD engine allows a filter-free design.
  • Future-proof input management – thanks to 4K@30 Hz input processing.
  • Excellent connectivity capabilities including support for HDbaseT.


  • Lack of microphone input means the projector’s audio system cannot be used by the presenter for their own live narration.
  • The remote control can be difficult to operate in a dark room, since it has no backlight and there are many small button.

The VAVA 4K laser short-focus projector provides high-quality image projection with a resolution of 4K Ultra-HD with a maximum diagonal of 150 inches.

The projector pleases with contrasting, deep colors and excellent image detail thanks to support for the dynamic range of HDR10.

The device uses ALPD 3.0 technology for a brighter display of cinematic quality, clarity and color saturation. With a brightness of 6,000 lumens you can view videos in any light even when the room is lit. In addition the VAVA 4K projector has a built-in proximity sensor that automatically reduces the brightness of the laser radiation to protect your eyes.

The VAVA 4K supports wired connection via HDMI, Ethernet cable and wireless Wi-Fi connection. It can connect to a smartphone to mirror the screen, supports working with Chromecast, AmazonFire, Roku and Apple TV.

The built-in Harman Kardon Hi-Fi speaker with Dolby Audio function provides loud and clear sound.

Short focus in the VAVA 4K allows you to install the projector almost anywhere. It does not require installation and can be easily moved to a new location. The minimum distance from the projector to the screen is 7.2 inches and the projected image will reach 100 inches that solves the problem of viewing videos, movies and images in small rooms.

For comfortable control of the projector there is an intuitive interface and a Bluetooth remote control included in the package. It also supports management using a special mobile application on the phone.


  • Clear, bright picture in both SDR and HDR modes.
  • Solid build quality and slick styling.
  • Excellent audio quality.
  • Diffused Light for Eye Protection.


  • Long input lag makes it unsuitable for gaming.
  • Lamp may be too bright for some users.

6. Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector

The Optoma GT1090HDR is a short-focus laser model that allows you to create a 100-inch diagonal image from a distance of 3.6 feet.

The reliable Dura Core laser light source eliminates the need to replace lamps and filters for 30,000 hours with virtually maintenance-free operation of the projector. And IPX6 dust protection ensures the durability of the mechanism itself.

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With 1080p (1920 *1080) resolution and 300,000:1 contrast ratio the GT1090HDR provides clear and detailed images. HDR10 technology provides a brighter white color and deeper levels of black for high image quality. And the brightness of 4200 lumens will allow you to watch movies even in a lighted room.

The GT1090HDR displays true 3D content from almost any 3D source including 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D broadcasting and the latest-generation game consoles. Support for 120Hz rapid refresh rate provides ultra-smooth flicker-free images.

Connect to gaming consoles, media players and other HDMI devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Google Chromecast Ultra, or Apple TV 4K. Inputs include dual HDMI.

1.3х zoom and vertical trapezoidal distortion correction ensure almost any placement of the projector in the room.


  • Supports HDR and 4K content.
  • Full 3D from all content sources.
  • Bright lamp can be used in well-lit rooms.
  • Long-lasting lamp.
  • High contrast ratio.


  • Keystone correction is disabled when viewing 3D content.

7. Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

The Epson EF-100 is a compact projector for home use. The design of the case is very unusual for Epson – it is completely unlike any of the previously released projectors. Something like vintage audio equipment.

The Epson EF-100 retains all the advantages of its proprietary three-matrix technology Epson 3LCD: no rainbow effect and accurate color reproduction.

At half the brightness the claimed laser life is 20,000 hours, at the maximum – 12,000 hours.

The model has an HD matrix (WXGA, 1280*800). This is more than enough to view content, games and videos. In addition the Epson EF-100 is not a stationary device but rather a portable device for creating a mobile office or mobile cinema.

Thanks to the vertical and horizontal correction of the trapezoid the device can be placed at an angle to the wall. The range of automatic vertical correction of the trapezoid: ± 45°, manual horizontal: ± 40°.

The minimum distance to the image is only 1.6 feet and gives a clear working screen. The maximum distance to the image of 11 feet gives a huge light-filled 150-inch picture.

Using the HDMI port you can easily connect any signal sources: a tablet, laptop, game console, DVD player or computer. You can also connect the AmazonFire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV set-top boxes.


  • design.
  • dimensions and weight.
  • long service life of the laser diode.
  • very fast switching on and output to maximum brightness.
  • built-in Bluetooth module.
  • no rainbow effect;.
  • low power consumption due to the use of a laser diode.


  • low resolution.
  • limited connectivity;.
  • peaker distorts with some content.
  • low contrast.

Advantages of laser projectors

In comparison with lamp projectors laser projectors have a longer service life. Lamps are designed for an average of 2,000 hours, laser – for 20,000 hours.

Laser projectors are able to maintain a stable brightness for a long time. The degree of their extinction is much slower than that of lamp devices. As a result this technology provides high image quality and long service life far surpassing conventional projectors in this respect.

Laser projectors operate at a much lower temperature and the process of turning them on/off and achieving operational brightness is almost instantaneous.

Laser projectors can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week without risk of damage.

Laser projectors use energy more economically.

Conclusions –  Best 4k Laser Projector of 2020

The most attractive and promising light sources in projectors are lasers and LEDs which, all other things being equal, give the others a head start in the operational resource. Experts say that the future is behind them and this future has already come.

Nowadays there is a wide range of traditional solutions available on the market as well as new products based on laser technologies which are increasingly used in the development of projectors. Therefore you can easily choose the appropriate model for corporate, educational and entertainment purposes as well as for home viewing.


Due to their advantages laser devices have gained popularity among both manufacturers and consumers. If you are looking for a new projector then you should pay attention to them.

We have reviewed the main models that are in demand among customers and compared their characteristics.

Among all the models presented there are two – the VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector and the Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Laser HomeTheater Projector.

  • The short-focus projector Vava 4K has amazing characteristics – the maximum light output is 6,000 LM, contrast – 3,000:1. The availability of technology ALPD 3.0 delivers improved image quality and sharp details in most lighting conditions. The only disadvantage of this model is the high cost. But the VAVA 4K is worth the money!

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  • The Optoma GT1090HDR is a short-focus projector, supports 3D, has a maximum refresh rate of 144 hz, which will allow it to be used for gaming purposes and for connecting to Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Google Chromecast Ultra, or Apple TV 4K. The light output is 4,200 lumens, supports HDR10 technology which creates a great picture on the screen. The price of the projector is relatively low which is an additional plus when choosing this model!

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