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Here you can find all the popular products from the online retail service Amazon. We make a detailed review with a description of the characteristics, useful properties and significant differences of all products. We also indicate where you can buy this or that thing at the best price. The website is not an online retail service. All the tips that are published here are based solely on personal opinion, use and testing of the discussed product.”

Louis M. Fessler

The site about projectors!

We offer to our readers only faithful surveys and expert guidance.

A large variety of projectors may confuse you while choosing a particular model. We publish our reviews to help you find exactly what you want. We don’t depend on sellers and brand names; we don’t get money for our texts. We earn only commission for selling any model.

This site provides you with:

  • specifications of projectors made by the leading companies;
  • presentations of the most demanded devices, according to the trade statistics of the USA;
  • systematized description of the main groups of projectors based on their purposes: entertainment, solving working tasks, using in home theatres, schools etc.;
  • previews of new models and cutting-edge technologies, rating and comments of buyers;
  • many articles on equipment reviews and tests, main tendencies and the analysis of the world market development.

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