A great “nostalgic” JRPG is coming to Xbox in 2024


Octopath Traveler 2 It’s certainly one of the best JRPGs released recently, so much so that the game is also on its way to Xbox.

In contrast to its predecessor, the title is published directly as a multiplatform (you find it At Amazon in different versions), although the Microsoft version was missing.

Well, after that at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 Xbox has confirmed that some titles will be available for Game Passthere is room for another gem.

As also reported by GamingBolt, Octopathic Traveler 2 comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series Early 2024. No actual confirmation regarding its arrival on Game Pass. Directly below you will find the new announcement trailer for the game on the Microsoft platform.

Born as a sequel to the first game that introduced the HD 2D visual style mixing 3D environments and retro sprites, Octopath Traveler 2 offers eight new characters.

Each of them has a unique story and path actions that suit different playstyles and often overlap throughout their journeys.

Depending on your actions, you can influence NPCs, steal items, charm passers-by, or trade.

The combat system features the break and boost mechanics of the original, with players exploiting enemies’ weaknesses and powering up their attacks.

Octopathic Traveler 2 has exceeded one million copies shipped and digital downloads worldwide in June 2023, although this is actually the case The start in Japan wasn’t the best.

We remind you that from today you will find a new great tribute to the first day: Payday 3 In fact, it will be available for free from launch.

Speaking of Game Pass, are you also curious about how much it might cost to bring a free game to the subscription service? This was revealed by the mega-leak surrounding the Xbox in the last few days. complete with truly surprising numbers.

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