April 14, 2024

A game inspired by Death Stranding is coming out


Hideo Kojima is currently being worked on Death stranding 2although apparently the first chapter He went to school.

The original game you can find At Amazon For a low price, it has indeed made its mark with its exceptional gameplay and truly unique atmosphere.

The official trailer for the sequelAt least that’s what he suggested DS2 It will be just as interesting as the first episode.

Now after the release from Kojima Productions an update on the status of the new gameIt appears that An upcoming DON’T NOD game has decided to take inspiration from him Death Stranding.

As also reported by power adapternamely during an interview with GamesRadar+the co-director of Juant revealed that the developer was inspired by Kojima’s title.

Kevin Poupard revealed how much Hideo’s masterpiece inspired the team for their latest performance:

“Death Stranding also inspired us because we know we have a balance challenge that we need to carry on.” What we also liked about the DS gameplay is that it analyzes the terrain to make decisions based on weight, you wear to choose the best routes. We want Jusant players to receive this kind of thoughtful stimulation.”

juant Here players embark on a journey to the top of a giant tower, exploring multiple paths and uncovering the secrets of a lost civilization along the way.

Climbing is at the heart of the experience, and juant allows players to master their equipment and keep an eye on the stamina meter to navigate the tower.

talking instead of the next DS2Elle Fanning’s character currently remains a mysteryalthough we know that it will be a fundamental part of the plot.

But that’s not all: a few months ago our Stefania Sperandio he just told us everything (everything really) that we know At Death Stranding 2.

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