10 Best Games You Must Play For Free on Dreams (on PS Plus)


Among the titles offered this month by PlaystationPlusin its Essential version, we find dreamsthe video game creation platform developed by Media Molecule and released in 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Media Molecule has always strived to give gamers the opportunity to do so express their creativity through video games without having to study and learn for years; already at the first Little Big Planetdating back to the now distant 2008, this philosophy was evident.

dreamsfrom this point of view, represented the development of what was seen in it Little Big Planet, because the opportunities offered have increased dramatically. Now that more than three years have passed since the release and the end of active support for the game is scheduled for September, we would like to take advantage of the game’s presence at Plus to advise you The ten best games (in our opinion) to try right away At dreamsIn no particular order.

We’ve tried to avoid naming games developed by the Media Molecule team in-house, instead focusing solely on games fan creations. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list as the game spans thousands of creations. Use these headlines as a starting point to find out dreams (We remind you that it is included for free with PlayStation Plus Essential, to which you can subscribe via Amazon cards) if you’ve never played it, or to rediscover it if you’ve long given up.


Let’s start with a Puzzle platformer in the first person. It is about hookshotGame with a futuristic atmosphere that reminds us of the gameplay and vibestitle like mirror edge And portal.

As a grapple bot left alone decades after his abandonment in this gigantic laboratory, you must find your way to the surface and face numerous rooms that will require the use of your wits.

It’s an ephemeral experience (a theme common to all fan productions). dreamsfor obvious reasons), but if you enjoy puzzles of this nature, you’ll spend a good handful of hours on them hookshot.

Trip’s journey

Now let’s get to one pure platformer with Trip’s journey. In this adventure, you take on the role of the kitten Trip and must face a series of highly explorable levels that hide numerous collectibles to collect.

The game is based not only on the tradition of 3D platformers, but attempts to specifically mimic the gameplay offered by Super Mario 3D worldTitle with which it points out different points of contact.

What amazed us was the immense care with which this production was carried out: we have several explorable and interesting levels, an overworld map, a simple but effective graphic aspect – and above all an excellent pad of emotions in our hands, which is often difficult to find is in “smaller” platform games.

The duration is also slightly longer than other games on Dreams; We are talking about 3-4 hours, to which must be added the presence of an extension.

Bo’s island

Bo’s island It definitely won’t be a title that will be remembered for many years, but this one is a nice title platform it’s just irresistible and dripping 90s love from every pore.

It’s a 3D platformer again, but this time the titles that inspired it belong to the first school of the genre. In particular, the game seems to have been heavily influenced by crocodilea platformer that, while never reaching peak quality, still managed to carve itself into the hearts of many fans growing up in the ’90s.

If you’re in the mood for a nostalgia trip, then spend a few hours doing it Bo’s island. It will be worth it.

RID – Memoirs of the Elders

RID – Memoirs of the Elders It is a action-adventure in the third person, which could very much resemble the series The Legend of Zeldaboth in terms of gameplay and atmosphere.

It’s probably one of the most sophisticated creations ever dreamsthat the game can rely on A large explorable map that takes around twenty hours to complete. An impressive result considering that most of the work was done by one person.

The game also introduces quite an interesting story, which is further enhanced by a prequel. RID – Echoes of a Lost Bondalso available at dreams. We hope that the creator will have the opportunity to continue his saga, maybe in a hypothetical form dreams 2.

lock out

Now let’s get to one puzzle pure, lock out. In this game you will find yourself on an island without much explanation. The only thing on the island is a small house, but the entrance to it is locked. In order to find your way, you must solve your first riddle, and from now on you will constantly have to rack your brains to solve the many puzzles of this adventure.

What amazed us lock out and that Care was taken in creating the environment and the puzzles, really well done, challenging and complex without ever being unfair or overly random. In case of difficulties, you can also use a hint system in the game. However, we recommend that you try to solve it on your intuition only!

Happy Jack!

Nostalgia is a powerful engine, and some of the choices we made for this ranking prove it. The speech also applies, at least in part, e.g Happy Jack!A third party action platformer in which we’ll take on the role of a Halloween pumpkin (which is called Jack O’Lantern in English).

His comically gloomy world reminded us of that nightmare before christmasbut also medievalwho also tried to find a balance between these tones.

If you liked these works, Happy Jack! It’s sure to find a place in your heart – but even if it doesn’t, it’s still a good action-platformer. Here, too, the creator has made an extension, Happy Jack! Enter the Abyssthat we haven’t tested yet, however, as well as his other works, of which there are really many and that we will certainly deepen during our games dreams (which you can also restore to the physical version on Amazon).

ball world adventure

ball world adventure It is a Physics based puzzle gamewith a very simple concept: we must drop a marble along a path so that it reaches the last hole without dropping it first.

A little bit’ Kula world and a bit’ Super Monkey Ball, ball world adventure You’ll break the proverbial seven jerseys in a sweat to complete all the levels that progressively get harder and require absolutely flawless ball control.

This adventure currently consists of two parts dreamseach with a collection of never-before-seen levels, and who knows if more will be added in the future.

The Pilgrim

Another action-adventure That got our attention The Pilgrimwhich reminded us of the famous saga of with its dark fantasy atmosphere trine.

Definitely the most successful component of The Pilgrim It’s the artistic direction, just amazing considering it’s the work of only two people.

There’s not much more we can say about the game, also because it’s a very brief experience that’s worth experiencing firsthand. Don’t waste any more time and play it!

Honorable Mention: Jurassic Park Operations

We’ll end with a special mention of a game that hasn’t been released yet and is in serious danger of being cancelled. Jurassic Park: Operations is, as the title suggests, inspired by the famous saga penned by Michael Crichton and aims to bring an experience to our consoles that retains the thriller/horror style of the books and the first two movie chapters.

Unfortunately, Universal feared that the title would somehow harm the franchise’s management, so the developer had to remove any reference to the saga to allow for the birth of its creature.

Nonetheless, we still want to give the game a name because the cure already seen in the trailers is just insane, so much so It could easily seem like an official title dedicated to the saga.

It’s also a nice way to wrap up our discussion on this dreamsbecause here you can really see all the possibilities offered by this incredible platform: without wasting any more words, enjoy the embed trailer in these paragraphs.

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